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12 Monkeys

After the season highlight in last weeks Cassandra Complex, Steve Taylor-Bryant checks back in with 12 Monkeys as they go all Atari…

“You saw it, you kill it. Thems the rules”

“We’re gonna die, you know that?”

After last weeks stunning Haitian backdrop and added story elements with a band of marauders hunting Cole in his present, Atari would have to be so very good to compete in a season that just sets the bar so high.

Railly has started some information gathering on The Night Room, thanks to favours and the contacts at the CDC that still speak to her. Railly is still trying to come to terms with the fact the The Army of the 12 Monkeys will probably have to be killed to save seven billion others. To help understand better Railly pesters Cole to know what its like in the future, laying the guilt card that he knows all about her and she knows nothing about him. Cole doesn’t want to tell her anything and wants to concentrate on the mission, and gets saved by splintering anyway. 2032 is next and Ramse and Cole are carefully moving through an abandoned building, hunting for food as they are down to very little supplies. The animal though is a dog and a whispered argument about who should kill it starts between the two men. Neither kills the dog.

Back in Cole’s future Ramse explains to him that the West Seven and Deacon may have found them after they spotted two scavengers that morning. Again to 2032 and the first ever meeting of Cole and Deacon starts with the West Seven, named after they slaughtered everyone at the Wesy Seven camp including the doctors trying to immunise people against the plague, creeping up on Cole and Ramse whilst they were restinhg. Deacon is astonished that two tired and hungry men could take down two of his meanest.Much to Ramse’s disgust Cole agrees for them to join the West Seven. Back to the future (Ive held off that joke for nearly four episodes) and the West Seven launch an attack on the facility. Deacon and his guys use a diversion and eventually breach the security leaving Cole and Jones needing to secure the safety of the splinter machine whilst Ramse goes to secure the power core, to no avail as West Seven are already in. With Ramse apparently executed and Deacon coming through the splinter chamber door, Jones tells Cole she will send him back to Railly forever whilst they still have the power.

2035 sees Ramse still not happy to be part of West Seven and facing off against Deacon for the murder they are committing on the meak. Cole tries to have a romantic liaison with Max but is interrupted by Deacon who gives Cole until sun up to kill his friend Ramse or Deacon will torture and then kill him as an example. Cole goes to Ramse’s tent where Ramse explains that Deacon is just a murderer and that Cole, if he’s going to kill him, should just get on with it but they agree to escape together instead. Meanwhile Cole hasn’t splintered back to Railly and finds himself outside the warehouse just two days earlier as Deacon is preparing the attack. Cole is bound, beaten, stabbed and drugged by Deacon who is desperate to know how to get into the compound.Whilst hallucinating Cole gives up a secret compound entrance to Max.Deacon and his gang move out to attack the facility but Max stays behind and helps Cole to escape so he can hopefully put an end to the troubles. Cole and Max get into the compound and the two Coles get their first glimpse at themselves in the same environment.

New time-travelled Cole goes to the energy source and saves Ramse from execution, which confuses both Ramse and security, and Max turns on Deacon eventually forcing him to retreat. Ramse and Cole are back on lookout having a chat and Ramse tells Cole he should go for it with Railly if he gets the chance. He wants his friend to be happy. Cole arrives back in 2015 at Railly’s shop willing to talk about himself and his past as she wanted but she excitingly interrupts him. She has found The Night Room.

A glimpse at the humanity, by not killing the dog, in a very dark time shows a lot of the character of Cole and Ramse and the depth of their friendship was explored well. Atari also included one of the best gun battles in television for a long time and was very cinematic its use of action compared to other shows that minimise the violence, with 12 Monkeys producing a short action film rather than a ‘normal’ show. and for the first time I noticed the soundtrack, the haunting piano during Cole and Deacon’s conversation about killing Ramse is still in my head. All in all a great episode indeed. I really love the way the show changes and evolves constantly. Last week was all landscape and plot this week violence and friendship.

Top show that just gets better.

Image SyFy.

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