TV - Arrow Season 3, Episode 11

Black canary

Steve Taylor-Bryant stays out past his bedtime to experience the Midnight City with TeamArrow...
With Arrow still dead and the aftermath still affecting the team, this week was less about Felicity and more about how TeamArrow would react on their own when faced with a huge challenge. That challenge is Brick, who is still causing chaos and making demands of the mayor and anyone else of importance in Starling City. Laurel still doubts her ability to step into Sara's shoes as Canary but, to be fair, Laurel has wallowed in some kind of self pity for two and half seasons and, after a superb pep talk from the always wonderful Felicity, we see Laurel at least try to be useful although, alongside Roy as Arsenal, it's not always smoothly executed which is probably a poor choice of words considering what Brick does and blames on the dynamic-ish duo.

Elsewhere Malcolm is still trying to be some kind of father to Thea, although not the one she needs, and Roy is getting overly protective due to Ra's still keeping tabs on Malcolm and Thea through the DJ.

Whilst Vinny Jones was perfectly cast as the villain of the piece it wasn't really about him this week, or Ra's, or Malcolm although the various story strings play out well. This week was about Laurel and her need to stop being the victim and become the hero. This week was about a team coming together and working as a unit. This week was about Diggle and Felicity showing they were more than just Oliver's henchmen. Not the greatest episode of Arrow but certainly an essential one that finally showed why Roy and Laurel are still in the show.

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