TV - Arrow Season 3, Episode 17


Steve Taylor-Bryant considers Suicidal Tendencies as he watches Arrow episode 17…

And our special day is going to be the most glorious day. And then, afterwards, we'll make strong beautiful babies.

Poor old Diggle, his wedding (again) to Lyla is not going well. Oliver turned up in time for the ceremony but missed all the photographs and the official conducting the service is detained elsewhere. Luckily Ray Palmer is also an ordained minister and he steps in. Elsewhere Arrow-Fake is back killing people. Ray goes on Starling City television vowing that everything possible will be done to bring the Arrow to justice, which doesn’t really please Felicity. Oliver though is feeling okay and tells Lyla and Diggle to go on their honeymoon and they reluctantly get into their Limo where a surprise in the form of Deadshot is waiting for them. A.R.G.U.S head honcho Amanda Waller has assembled the Suicide Squad to go the Eastern European country of Kasnia where a U.S Senator is being held hostage. So the Squad of Lyla, Diggle, Deadshot and the insane Cupid embark on a rescue mission.

In the hospital where the situation is taking place it becomes apparent that it is actually the Senator doing the hostage taking not the other way around. During a gunfight the Senator aims at Cupid who is saved by Deadshot, and so begins another crush replacing her feelings for Arrow. The Senator was using mercenaries rather than terrorists as a staged act of heroism so he would be popular enough to run for President upon his return to the United States. The hospital is rigged with explosives so Deadshot says he will cover them whilst they evacuate the hostages, which leaves him on the roof as the hospital explodes.

Back in Starling City Arrow interrupts fake Arrow only to be surrounded by League of Assassins er, assassins? All dressed as fake Arrows. Oliver is again forcibly reminded of Ra’s Al Ghul’s offer. Palmer Technologies have created some X-Ray and facial recognition software which ousts Oliver Queen as Arrow and Ray also realises that Felicity is involved so won’t listen to her when she insists that Arrow is being framed. Ray goes to tell the authorities what he knows but runs into Laurel who using some of the authority of the District Attorney’s office tells Ray that he is wrong and that if he went public it would give Oliver grounds to ruin him in a defamation lawsuit. Taking in all the information Ray decides he will take action himself as Atom. Responding to a 9/11 call about a drug shipment Arrow and Arsenal arrive at the scene to find only Atom which starts a fight only stopped when an arrow shuts down Ray’s suit. Oliver warns him he needs to watch how he treats Felicity if he is to embark on a dual personality life.

Just as everyone seems to reconciling Ray tells the authorities he now believes the Arrow to be innocent but Maseo crashes through the window dressed as Arrow and kills the Mayor.

I loved this week’s episode. The humour of Cupid, the side story of Suicide Squad, Atom and Ray coming into their own within the show, were all real highlights and whilst the League’s relentless attack on the Arrow’s character continues and there was some serious moments, the lighter moments and the insights into why Deadshot was like he was were all highly informative and entertaining. Yes it was more a filler episode but it was a good one.

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