TV - Arrow Season 3, Episode 7


She's Cupid, stupid is the message Steve Taylor-Bryant, reminds you of as he watches Draw Back Your Bow...

There are crazy stalkers in the world, and then there is Carrie Cutter! During the Mirakuru attack on Starling City six months previously, Oliver, as the Arrow, had stopped to save a young girl from the inevitable death a super soldier was about to inflict before carrying on with the battle. That young girl was an ex-police officer who had to resign her position after stalking her partner and failing a psychiatric evaluation. Carrie Cutter suffers from a mental disorder that doesn’t allow her to create natural relationships, she obsesses over one person and will do anything to get them, including using heart shaped arrows to kill people and get Oliver’s attention. Cupid (Cutter) has kidnapped a mob boss and strapped explosives to him trying to lure Oliver to meet but he turns up with Roy who she swiftly takes down before her confrontation with Oliver and her escape.

Roy is angry as his head is still not quite in the game and he goes to help Thea get ready for the grand reopening of Verdant, where Thea meets a rather cocky DJ who refuses to audition and walks out. Oliver also doesn’t have his head in the game as Felicity, who he really pines for but won’t commit to her, is out for dinner with Ray Palmer who recently rebranded Queen's Consolidated as Palmer Technologies. The dinner is a business dinner with the owner of a mine that Palmer wants to purchase and Felicity, wearing a dress that costs more than her apartment and ten million dollar necklace, helps the deal to go through by passionately talking about Ray and his vision, whilst falling for him.

Cupid turns up to the Verdant opening after tracing the Arrow to the area and sits at the bar sipping Cupid's Kiss cocktails. The DJ that Thea hired is awful and no one is enjoying their night so she steps on stage and fires him before the cocky DJ from earlier, Chase, turns up and negotiates a monetary rescue plan with Thea and saves the night with his brand of music and personality. Meanwhile Oliver has agreed to meet Cupid elsewhere to keep her away from the club and when he arrives at the abandoned subway station he finally clicks who she is and why she is obsessed with him in particular. He talks to Cupid with Felicity listening in about how he cannot be with anyone and must be alone. Cupid doesn’t like this and a fight starts before she drops them both through a grate onto the line below where she handcuffs Oliver to the track and gets ready for a train to kill them both, in an "if I cant have you, no one can" scenario. Oliver escapes the shackles by dislocating his thumb and saves them both from near death before handing Cupid over to Amanda Waller for the Suicide Squad.

Back in the club, Chase tells Thea to keep the money before offering a passionate kiss. Kissing seems to be catching as Oliver goes to see Felicity at work only to see her in the arms of Ray Palmer with her lips also slightly busy. Roy and Oliver both feeling awful and unwanted and a little sorry for themselves go to dinner with Diggle and Lyla, whilst Ray Palmer brings up the blueprints for a suit that doesn’t look like the kind of attire for a planet saver, more a mechanised Superman which is quite apt with Brandon Routh cast as Ray.

This was a villain of the week type story, but a very good one and Amy Gumenick as Carrie Cutter was fascinating, if not a little too convincing as the nutcase Cupid. We saw more of the bond that Roy, actually called Arsenal in the episode which gave me goosebumps, and Oliver are building and learnt a little more about the billionaire possibly baddy Ray Palmer. Great, fun story played out very well with the building blocks moving into place for future storylines. I loved it.

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