TV - Arrow Season 3, Episode 9


Another mid season break is upon us but Steve Taylor-Bryant finally gets to see a Ra’s al Ghul/Oliver face off in The Climb…

After a week of being helped by The Flash last time out, this week we see Arrow continuing to protect the city as he delivers a criminal to Captain Lance. After the Captain goes back inside, Arrow is confronted by soldiers from the League of Assassins and knocked unconscious, being brought round in time to see The League surround him. He is told that when someone died in their village many years ago they would slaughter fifty people at a time until the murderer was brought to their justice. The League give Oliver forty eight hours to bring Ra’s al Ghul the killer of Sara or Starling City will be held accountable, fifty people at a time. Oliver desperately needs help but, when Felicity gets the DNA results back from Sara’s murder weapon, it points to Oliver Queen as the killer.

Laurel is a bit edgy as Starling City comes towards Christmas and tells first Thea and then her returning mother about Sara’s demise. Both promise not to say a word but her mother wants vengeance which Laurel says she will get at some point. Ray Palmer finally confronts Felicity about running out after their kiss and explains that he saw the Mirakuru soldiers break the neck of his fiancée so he felt guilty about kissing Felicity, almost as if he was cheating.

Diggle and the team are trying to convince Oliver that Thea must be responsible for Sara’s death but he won’t hear a word against his sister, insisting Malcolm Merlyn is the obvious culprit. After Felicity traces a plane that brought Merlyn back to Starling from Corto Maltese the night before Sara’s murder, Arrow and Arsenal hunt down the pilot who shows them some video footage of Malcolm Merlyn and Thea arriving in Starling. Oliver, as The Arrow, breaks into Thea’s apartment and confronts her about the murder. He is still convinced by her innocence until Malcolm Merlyn appears at Verdant and confronts Oliver. Merlyn shows him a video of Thea killing Sara and explains about a plant that when ingested makes people highly suggestible. The only way out is for Oliver to confront Ra’s al Ghul in an ancient League ritual which, if he wins, would wipe out the blood debt.

Oliver visits Ra’s and The League which includes his friend and mentor from the Hong Kong flashbacks, which also talk about this suggestible narcotic, and convinces Ra’s and Nyssa that he was the responsible for Sara’s death. He makes the challenge of the duel to the death which Ra’s accepts. They give Oliver twelve hours to get his affairs in order and then he must climb a mountain at a secret destination where upon he will face off with The Demon’s Head, Ra’s al Ghul.

Oliver starts his goodbyes to Diggle, Thea and Roy whilst Felicity is in Ray Palmer’s office. He explains he wants to become a vigilante and protect the city and shows her the plans for his suit, nicknamed ATOM. After realising a case of de ja vu, Felicity tearfully says her goodbyes to Oliver making him promise he will not be the new Oliver he has become but that he will actually kill Ra’s al Ghul. He promises he would do anything to protect Thea and confesses his love for Felicity before embarking on his climb.

At the top of the mountain he is faced by The League and strips down to the waist as is custom and selects some swords from the cabinet that has a choice of weapons. Ra’s tells him of the first time he took a life and how the world is a better place for his brand of justice. Oliver notices he is not armed but Ra’s says he will take the weapons from Oliver. The fight begins and Oliver, whilst getting a few shots in of his own, loses the swords and, at the very edge of the cliff, is stabbed through the chest by Ra’s before being kicked off the mountain.

What? WHAT?! Oliver is dead? Nine episodes into the season? No, it cannot be!

I have no words left, not one. You must watch.

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