TV - Gotham Season 1, Episode 10


As we hit the mid season break Steve Taylor-Bryant, takes a look at Lovecraft and wonders at the darkness…

This particular episode of Gotham is by far the darkest yet and that is some achievement! A team of assassins enter Wayne Manor after Selina Kyle, leading to both Cat and Bruce having to hotfoot it away leaving Alfred in a gunfight. Alfred is injured by a bullet but shuns medical attention, instead wants to help Gordon find young Master Bruce whilst an astonished Bullock wonders how mad his partner is but still agrees to help. Bruce and Cat have fled to the city and decide to hide out in a slum market that Cat describes as “a Mall for street kids without the annoying music” and, after they dress Bruce more appropriately, they run into the now orphaned Ivy Pepper, who scares Cat and shows some rather psychopathic tendencies.

Gordon confronts Harvey Dent and finds out that he may have leaked the name of Gordon to some unscrupulous people which has led to the situation they now find themselves in, but Dent gives Gordon some possible hiding locations for Dick Lovecraft, who they both believe is the man behind the contract put out on Cat’s life. Bullock and Alfred go to Fish Mooney’s club to ask about her fences so they can track down Cat and Bruce and, after nearly killing Butch, Alfred sweet talks Fish into helping getting an address for Clyde who normally fences for Cat.

Gordon turns up at a condo and finds Lovecraft hiding out. He explains he is just a pawn in the game and didn’t put out the hit. He himself is being hunted by the assassins and he believes it’s because of a trade in stocks on Wayne Enterprises just before Thomas and Martha’s murder as if someone high up in the company knew what was going to happen. As Gordon is about to see the evidence for himself the assassins enter, disabling Gordon. When he comes around he finds Lovecraft shot in a bathtub with his, Gordon’s, gun.

Elsewhere after questioning Oswald Cobblepot, Falcone gathers his lieutenants shooting one over dinner and raising the taxes on the others until he discovers who the insider was that led the attack on his money, leaving Fish nervous.

At Clyde’s hideout Cat and Bruce and captured and locked in a room as Clyde has agreed to help the assassins. Cat and Bruce attempt their escape just as Alfred, Bullock and Gordon turn up. Some of the assassins are killed in the gunfight but the female leader escapes as Bruce and Alfred are reunited. Gordon and Dent are brought to Mayor Aubrey James’ office where he scolds the pair for their part in Lovecraft’s shooting. He concocts the story that, after incessant questioning by the over-zealous Gordon, Lovecraft took his own life and demotes Gordon to security guard at Arkham Asylum. Cat returns to Wayne Manor and finally snatches that kiss from Bruce.

From the outset this episode set a relentless pace and was certainly the most violent yet. This is a compliment by the way, as the faster and darker approach ramped up the tension and made Lovecraft an edge of the seat episode. Alfred showed his military and streets of London training and it was great to see Bruce taking some risks on rooftops as he followed Cat into the city. Gordon is now going to be at Arkham Asylum which is sure to introduce a whole raft of new characters in the second part of the season and even Richard Kind as the Mayor had an evil tinge to his usual jokey persona. As an action and adventure episode, as a vigilante episode, as a DC episode, every element of this week was bang on the money and writer Rebecca Dameron should be commended and then given every episode for the rest of the season.

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