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The Leftovers

With slack jaws and The Black Keys, Nate McKenzie reviews episode 4 of The Leftovers...

If you want to immediately interest me in anything, playing The Black Keys is near the top of the list of ways to do so. So when episode four, B.J. and the A.C., begins with You're Not The One by my favorite Akron, Ohio based duo, I knew I was in for a good time. And what could make for a better time than a search for everyone's favourite missing Son of God!

Although, I have mentioned the impressive work by Max Richter regarding the perfected musical score and impeccable soundtrack decisions the entire mood of each episode is set up by the title score. The opening thrumming bass reverb (reminiscent of the tripods from Spielberg's War of the Worlds) demands your attention from the start. It is easily one of my favourite title sequences in recent memory.

What intrigued me about this episode is Chief of Police Kevin Garvey's struggle to resolve the conflict between being a respectable enforcer of the law and his innate sense that some people deserve what they get. Specifically, the members of the Guilty Remnant. As he detains Patti to ask a favor of her he flashes a bit of this conflict, "Do you want anything to drink? Water, coffee... Drano?" Then, when he allows her to leave it is revealed that he is actively trying to find a reason to arrest members of the G.R. but he wants to do so within the confines of the law. Clever guy.

Or so I thought.

This episode drags quite a bit in the middle. Even with some poignant dialogue/interactions and interesting tidbits of plot fodder (like the confrontation between Kevin and Laurie via Meg) I found myself less interested than previous episodes. That is, until the twist. No spoilers here, of course, but I definitely was left slack-jawed and simultaneously angry and impressed.

My only qualm: Kevin Garvey should know better than to do what he did at the end. I mean, it's just not right! No one should be disrespectful like that.

Littering. I'm talking about littering.

For the angst and wit of the final few scenes, this episode deserves praise.

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