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The Leftovers

Nate McKenzie visits Cairo as he reviews the eighth episode of The Leftovers...

When the credits rolled at the end of this weeks episode of The Leftovers, I was left with an image in my head: carpet bombing.

The practice used by militaries in battle to ensure they get their point across via deadly explosives was the same general principle used in this week's episode, Cairo. Each step forward in the plot was another mini-explosion: from Jill's mini-confrontation with Nora, to her full-out attack on Aimee; Nora's subtle jab at Laurie, and Meg actually physically attacking Reverend Matt. However, these are but tiny pipe-bombs in relation to the onslaught of devastating and incendiary plot devices raining down in the final one-third of the episode.

It's quite hard to review this episode without giving away too much and spoiling the surprises. But I do feel comfortable saying that Chief Garvey is going mental. With the help of the mysterious dog killer, he manages to get himself into "quite the pickle". But the culmination of his decisions, coupled with his inability to keep track of time and actions, comes to a very fevered head as he confronts one of his most avid adversaries: Patti.

The events that take place in Cairo (the town in which Kevin finds himself, and which lends to the title of the episode) are dizzying. It slaked a bit of my lust for serious action that was lacking a bit in the previous weeks.

Then, without warning, the story slips right into "Wait... what?!" territory with Jill. The misdirection used to set up her twist was absolutely brilliant.

But most disconcerting was what was taking place in Matt Jamison's former church. What in the hell is the Grateful Remnant doing? No spoilers here but you'll be asking yourself the same question when you see it if you haven't already.

I realize I'm being vague but I refuse to taint the viewing for anyone who has yet to get to this recent episode.

The series has officially hit the straight-away and is gaining momentum but fast. With only two episodes left I am completely invested in the storyline and the characters. I need questions answered. But, the superb set-up for the last two episodes has me even more on edge to see what happens next. This is the best episode yet. Easily...

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