TV - True Detective Season 1, Episode 4

True Detective

Steve Taylor-Bryant continues his journey through the Dora Lang murder with Who Goes There...

I'm not sure that, with the immense writing of this show so far, using the 'set-up episode' is truly justifiable but, honestly speaking, plot wise at least this is how it felt. From a cinematic point of view though this episode was a televisual treat that I really wasn’t expecting.

Rust Cohle and Martin Hart go against the wishes of their superiors in this week’s episode, tracking Reggie Ledoux, the suspect, to a motorcycle gang The Iron Crusaders. It turns out Reggie is the Meth cook for the gang and, in Texas, Cohle had infiltrated the gang as an undercover agent.

Hart has been thrown out of the family home by Maggie, as his affair with Lisa is confirmed by Lisa herself, and this episode sees Cohle trying to comfort Hart.

Michelle Monaghan steals the this point... with her performance as Maggie. I have long been an admirer of Michelle's acting, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang instantly springs to mind, and it was a pleasure to see her take over a scene for once. I have heard many sites complain about the treatment of female characters in television recently and this character came up in those discussions. Whilst it would be great for every female character to be a strong character not trodden down by men, that would not be reflective of the society we live in, which is unfortunate, but what grounds True Detective in its realism is the interactions on a human level between the characters. Sorry feminism but it's true.

I also say "to this point" because I hadn’t watched the last six minutes yet. What happens at the end is a piece of Big Screen brilliance brought to the small screen. A long one take scene directed by Fukunaga as if he was a seasoned pro not the relative newcomer he his. No spoilers from me here. Even if you don’t watch the show (weirdos) watch the last six minutes of this episode.

A strange one with very little happening and then everything happening at once but still great. Especially the end.

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