Audiobook - The Sound Within

Susan Omand listens to a deceptively simple story from Neil Gardner about the tangible versus the intangible.

Read By:
John Banks
Music By:
Purple Planet
Directed By: 
Neil Gardner

The story of The Sound Within is a very simple one about a space. A space that just "was" until it encountered sound and light. The sound and light entered the space and measured the space and enjoyed the space. At a very superficial level, that's pretty much the whole story.

That is also very much the "sound" of the story too, with a lulling repetition of simple words and the space, sound and light taking on almost anthropomorphic, childlike qualities as they explore and discover their environment. In fact, on the surface, it felt very much like a childhood bedtime story in a safe and comforting way.

However, if you want to be more introspective about the meaning behind the story it actually becomes a deep and philosophical study of existential limits and the ability to "just be", scientific exploration and interpersonal boundaries - the tangible versus the intangible. So it's very much a case of making the story what you want it to be, and the brevity of it, at under seven minutes, allows for this much more easily than a longer piece.

The Sound Within was a pure indulgence for me as I enjoyed listening to the sound and texture of the words as well as the story itself, which worked on several levels.  John Banks' voice was also ideally suited for it with a pleasing tone and calming timbre. The music at the start and end is worth a mention too, as it really added to the almost trance-like quality of the recording. I cannot really come up with anything negative to say about it, other than it didn't blow me away with a wow factor. Instead, it made me smile. A lot.

The Sound Within is available free on SpokenWorldAudio

Image - SpokenWorld Audio
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