TV - The Flash Season 1, Episode 4

The Flash

Back to normal service, we get to grips with The Flash and Steve Taylor-Bryant as he views Going Rogue...

Don't you just hate it when you have a day off and you’re quietly playing chess, Operation and table tennis all at the same time and a nasty man holds up an armoured car? That's where we find Barry Allen this week. He gets to the scene of the robbery fairly rapidly, as you’d expect, and manages to halt the robbers in their tracks, glimpsing the face of one them, before they shoot and injure a guard. Instead of chasing down the criminals, he rushes the guard to hospital before returning to the scene as Barry Allen, forensic examiner and explaining to Detective West that there were four men. West gives Barry a mugshot book and he immediately points out Leonard Snart as the perpetrator.

Felicity Smoak, yes the computer geek with the lovely eyes and nice...sorry got sidetracked, where was I? Ah yes, Smoak travels to Central City to check on Barry for the first time since he had awoken from the coma. She lets him know that she knows his secret after overhearing The Flash and Arrow talking on a rooftop a few weeks previously. He shows off a little bit before taking Felicity to S.T.A.R. Labs and introducing her to the team, and also to Iris who makes it her mission to set them up with each other during a quiz game at the cafe.

Meanwhile Snart has managed to procure an ice blasting gun from a corrupt janitor at S.T.A.R Labs, which Dr. Wells is fuming about. The gun was designed by Cisco in case The Flash turned out to be evil, as the freezing temperatures can affect his metabolism. Barry, however, doesn’t know this and rushes headlong into a confrontation with Snart, in which a man dies as he is not fast enough to stop the ray. He is also injured himself, a fact he takes out on Cisco back at the lab. Snart goes to the museum after the diamond he had been thwarted in taking from the security truck and The Flash gives chase, tracking Snart to a moving train. Snart tries to make his escape by derailing the train as he knows The Flash will be compelled to rescue everyone.

After the crash Snart, now nicknamed Captain Cold by Cisco, traps The Flash under some ice before Cisco and the gang turn up with what they tell him is a prototype of the weapon he has except it’s a lot more powerful. Snart agrees to free Barry and not kill him but still makes a getaway. Iris and her father Detective West make up after not speaking for a long time due to her relationship with his partner and Barry and Felicity make each other aware that whilst they may be perfect for each other they are both still in love with other people, before they share a kiss anyway (die, Barry, die!). The episode ends with Captain Cold asking a mysterious man to join up with him and wreak havoc on Central City.

Any episode of any show with Felicity Smoak in is a good one. Emily Bett Rickards just has this charm and innocence about her portrayal that lights the screen up. Add to that some superb casting in Wentworth Miller (Prison Break) as Captain Cold and you have all the ingredients for a top episode. Trust and friendship was touched upon as the team could have crumbled in light of Cisco's actions.

Love and responsibility were examined with the heavy life of the policeman whose daughter is dating another policeman. But most of all we had a genuine bona fide baddie that we know will be back and will be bringing his Prison Break buddy Dominic Purcell with him as the mysterious fire addicted Mick Rory. Best episode so far in the season by a long, long way.

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