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All Aliens Like Burgers

Kneel Downe reminds us of All Aliens Like Burgers by Ruth Wheeler...

Looking for an exciting book for your teenagers? Are they jaded by battling wizards and bosom heaving supernatural romance? Do they have a slightly bizarre sense of humour and an interest in really quite gross alien sports? Look no more for I believe this book may be the one for you. All Aliens Like Burgers is the first book in the Truxxe Trilogy and also, surprisingly, a debut novel.

Confident, assured and packing a breezy pace it is a chuckle inducing ride from start to finish.Tom Bowler is a polite well mannered young man who, in his gap year, applies for a job in a fast food restaurant at the ‘local’ service station. Unknown to Tom the position is actually on the planetoid Truxxe, sandwiched between the galaxies of Triangulum and Andromeda.

This is a world of many surprises and hidden secrets, varied alien races and the perhaps sinister plotting of Glorbian space pirate brothers Schlomm and Hannond. Basically a fish out of water tale, Ruth packs each chapter with enough invention, humour and off world description to keep many a lesser author going for 3 or 4 books.The writing undoubtedly owes more than a little nod to the works of Douglas Adams and yet delivers by being much more than sheer impersonation. Fast paced and sometimes quite beautifully descriptive, this tale of Truxxe will soon suck you in and demand your undivided attention until the final page. The humour is, for the most part, well timed and the characterisation just rounded enough for you to invest heavily in the main protagonists.With a second book already out there and a free tale currently available as a download, I heartily recommend this as the perfect teenage tale: just make sure you read it yourself first... Oh, and the disgusting alien sport? Never ever accept an invitation to a round of Spottooning.

Image - Ruth Wheeler.

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