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Kneel Downe is a busy man but always finds time for a Doctor Who Quick Read...

And so another Quick Read comes along. Designed to tempt those not used to reading into the magical world of words, the Quick Read series has been something of a triumph and has already featured a fair few Doctor Who titles. True, the quality has sometimes been hit or miss; Gareth Roberts I Am A Dalek has been my favourite so far but here, with Magic of the Angels, Jacqueline Rayner has provided a true contender for that crown.

This is the second of her Quick Reads, The Sontaran Games being her first Tennant flavoured slice of fun. Here she once again shows her understanding of deft characterisation and fast paced action. In fact, I believe she is more suited to this most recent Doctor and his companions.

Throughout the story her understanding and obvious affection for the main characters shines through. The action is plentiful and entertaining but despite the limitations of the format she still manages to introduce and play on a certain bittersweet melancholy, thanks to the inspired use of two loveable older characters.

Young girls are going missing at an alarming rate. Could this somehow be connected to the wondrous Sammy Star and his impressive stage show? And what happens when a ‘trick’ is nothing of the sort?
There is an Angel loose in London and its up to the Doctor, Amy, Rory and the inhabitants of an old peoples home to bring the terror to an end.

I enjoyed this book immensely; despite being short and swift there manages to be a full range of characters and emotions. Congratulations are in order and I would recommend this to all our readers.Oh…and there is a lovely and amusing aside to a previous incarnation of our favourite Timelord. Miss Rayner, we demand more. Soon please.

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