Book - Fairy Tales

Our very own word weaver, Kneel Downe, explains the wonder of Fairy Tales for him...

Once upon a time...

What wonderful words. Those of us of a certain age have them hardwired into our brains. We know what they mean...what comes next: we may not know the actual story but we know the path to many many places to visit.

Such wonders to see.

I LOVE Fairytales. Along with their close cousins Parables, Fables and Creation Myths they form the backbone of all we know and love as modern literature. These are the bones of ancient worlds...the genome of evolution. We owe them so much and yet we are often so dismissive of these simple tales.

Just kids' stuff innit? foolish!

Fairytales were never just 'Kids stuff'...they were for all ages, to be recited around crackling fires as the moon sailed the heavens and the unsettling noises of night played out there... outside...

In the dark.

Fairytales are for all of us.

For the Tribe.

At their worst they are diverting stories of excitement and their very best they are bedfellows with philosophy.

Cautionary tales of what waits out there, beyond the door...beyond the fire. Verbal maps of how one must behave in society. Warnings to the young of all the joys and perils that the world contains. Stories of sadness or success. Shamanic beats on the drum of life.

Packed with so much humanity and wisdom I'm often surprised they don't burst.

Short, punchy and stripped of all but the most important information they follow their own internal rhythm, echoing the structure of songs: the song remains the same and yet the soundtrack is personal...our own.

They come from every age and from every corner of the world (I prefer mine from the Dark Forests of Europe, where it's not just your gold that may be stolen away in the night, It could be your could even be you). They hang heavy with the cultural themes of their birthplace but they all retain that need to explain society, the world...humanity.

From the very dawn of language to our own digital 21st age they are still being told, still being created...

Still relevant.

How so? I hear you say. Today there are new problems and threats to our us.

How true...the world is a dangerous digital place. We must warn our young about the ones out there who hide beyond a disguise, pretending to be what they are not. (Hello little Red Riding Hood)

They must be aware that not all grown ups are safe...that some may be predators. (Take a bow Hansel and Gretel)

And we...we are concerned with media lies and paranoia. Mob rules....(Excuse me, I've got to go tell a certain chicken that the sky is not actually falling)

But you're not convinced. No, you have little time for princesses in peril and handsome knights clad in white. You'd rather watch your Star Wars Blu Ray for the 50th time. Fair play...just don't stare too hard at the script.

Maybe you'd rather watch the directors remastered 23rd version of Blade Runner? Good call...I've heard that if you watch to the very final credits there's a split second 'Easter Egg' of Pinocchio leering at you from the screen.

Fairytales eh?

I write Fairytales now.

Fairytales are cool.

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