Doctor Who - Free Birthday Story


With An Owl's Tale out now, and more books and novellas on the way, Kneel Downe takes time out from his hectic writing schedule and has a Who related present for you on his own birthday...

There has long been a specific thought in the back of author Kneel Downe's mind.

A "What if..." kind of thought.

A long-time Doctor Who fan and creator of his own fictional universe, The VIRULENTBLURB, he thought "what if... both universes collided?" If characters from one universe suddenly appeared in the other? If the LITRAVERSE is breached and allows something else in?

With a little more waiting until the new series is due Kneel decided to use that time and combine his passions.

The story is set during the period in series 6 of Dr Who where The Doctor has temporarily parted ways with the Ponds and he now has a different companion, Suzy. In the VirulentBlurb universe it is notably only 49 years after the Fall.

NOW... as a FREE PRESENT, on his own birthday, Kneel gifts to the readers of /Garbage-file the long awaited episode...

To download the PDF script, click on the title above and click on the blue "download" button at the top right hand side of the screen. If you need a PDF reader, you can find one at the Adobe website.

Do please leave us a comment once you've read the story - Kneel would love to know what you think!

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