Audiobook - Saya's Last Gasp

Susan Omand gets locked out of the space ship and listens to Saya's Last Gasp from Spokenworld Audio...

Read By: Louise Jameson
Written By: Neil Gardner
Music By: Purple Planet
Copyright: Spokenworld Audio/Ladbroke Audio Ltd

This is a simple story on the surface of it.  Saya, is a space technician, stuck on the outside of the spaceship with a comms link that seemed not to be transmitting and only three minutes before the engines power up.  As the story goes on you find out that Saya was not the most popular member of the crew, due to lying on her application and being downgraded.  So this predicament is caused by her trying to earn a "gratitude chit" and work her way back up by volunteering to fix some small issues before the next relativity jump.

The way the story is read, by actress Louise Jameson, really enhances the story as the calmness of the narration contrasts well with both the smooth captain and the increasing desperation of Saya's voice.  The only voice I found difficult to interpret at first was the computer, because of the overly distorted effects applied to the voice.  However, the voice effect applied to Saya herself really helped with the atmosphere because it sounds detached and echo-y like it is coming over a helmet radio.

I really enjoyed this short story and, at only 6 minutes, have listened to it several times.  Although self contained, I feel it could also be part of a bigger whole, as there seems to be a lot of scope for expansion with the character and the lead up to her situation.  My lasting thought with her predicament though is quite a chilling one and this is what makes the story for me.  Can the crew really not hear her out there, or....?

Image - Spokenworld

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