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Steve Taylor-Bryant tells us what he loves about audiobooks and the independent audiobook publisher Spokenworld Audio (warning - may contain sausages)...

We love audiobooks here a /G-f. There is something uniquely pleasurable in going about your day whilst the dulcet tones of a reader implants a story or factual nugget directly through your ear canal and into your mind.

Audiobooks are not a new idea. Books have been read out loud since books were created, either in groups or radio dramas, and the audiobook is just an extension to that aural entertainment. The market is a huge one. I relate the purchase of audiobooks to the mission of buying sausages. You can get a good sausage in a variety of flavours in your nationwide or international branded supermarket, as you can pick up a audio story from huge companies BUT if you want the best sausage made from the finest cut of meat and prepared for you like you are the only customer that matters, then a smaller more family orientated butcher is where you need to visit. I have a company I always turn to for audiobooks that reminds me of the service I received at our local small shop and that is Spokenworld Audio. Spokenworld have everything, every flavour to keep the analogy going. Horror, science fiction, the greatest range of non-fiction I have ever discovered, and all with that small family store feel about the way they do business. I started life as a Spokenworld customer, I am now lucky enough to be involved with Neil Gardner and the gang through business dealings, but on both sides of the fence the quality is the same, the quality is guaranteed, the quality is superb.

To share how much we enjoy the work of Spokenworld Audio, we've got a few deals to tell you about too ...

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