Book - Adventure Time: The Original Title Cards (Seasons 3 & 4)

Adventure Time’s "adorably weird and wonderful post-apocalyptic world" of the title cards from seasons 3 and 4 is explored by our own adorably weird and wonderful Romeo Kennedy, thanks to Titan Books...

Hello friends and welcome to the land of Ooo!

Adventure Time is quite possibly one of my favourite cartoons, it’s everything that I could possibly want. A magical post-apocalyptic world, a cast of wonderful characters and the importance of friendship.  With bonkers themes and wonderful stories. Its creator (Pendleton Ward), and all of the artists/writers that have contributed to the show, have made something really special. The title card book allows the fans of the show to enjoy the creativity that makes the cartoon so cosmic.

“Every night, Hug Wolves must go out and hug people to satisfy their insatiable craving for hugs.” -Jake (ep:5-4 Hug Wolf)

Every episode of the cartoon is accompanied by a hand painted title card that gives the viewer a small hint of what to expect from that particular episode, or some of the themes. The cards can sometimes be very weird and cryptic (moreso in season 1&2) but they are nonetheless awesome.

I have picked up this wonderful collection (seasons 3&4) a number of times now. And each time I pick it up, I’m looking at the beautiful title cards with Finn and Jake getting up to all sorts, and each time I'm discovering something new in them.

“Whoa, you are fast! And quiet. And very good at dramatic silence. I like it.” - The Ice King (ep:4-3 Hitman)

Each page has the episode title card and a few words by some of the cartoon’s story artists, about the creative process behind each card and the themes they chose to use, as well as some early sketches.

This is an incredible collection for any Adventure Time fan, as the cards only show on the screen for a moment in each show. The title card books, are a great way to relive your favourite episodes and enjoy the fantastic art from a truly special cartoon series.

Each time I pick this book up, I try to pick at least one favourite and I can honestly say that I cannot choose just one. Although do keep an eye out for the Wizard Battle title card, which has so much going in one scene that it truly demonstrates the remarkable artistry behind the show. So go make some bacon pancakes because it’s Adventure Time.

Images - Titan Books

Adventure Time -The Original Title Cards (season 3&4) is out on the 7th August 2015. Available from Titan Books

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