Book - Control Point (Shadow Ops Book 1)

Control Point by Myke Cole (Shadow Ops Book 1)...

Our resident Cornish pisky, Romeo Kennedy, takes on military science fiction book Control Point by Myke Cole (Shadow Ops Book 1)...

All over the world people are ‘coming up latent’ – developing new and terrifying abilities. Untrained and panicked, they are summoning storms, raising the dead, and setting everything they touch ablaze.

US Army Lieutenant Oscar Britton has always done his duty even when it means working alongside the feared Supernatural Operations Corps, hunting down and taking out those with newfound magical talents. But when he manifests a rare, startling power of his own and finds himself a marked man ,all bets are off.

On the rub from his former colleagues, Britton is driven into an underground shadow world, where he is about to learn that magic has changed all the rules he’s ever known … and that his life isnt the only thing he’s fighting for.

I had first heard about this book from the lovely chaps at fantasy faction and put it in a stupidly long list in the deep recesses of my mind. About a couple of months ago something reminded me about Control Point, and I knew it was time to read it. And then I proceeded in kicking myself for not having read it sooner.

From the first sequence Myke Cole leaves you gripping the pages of your book -or if you are technologically adept, unlike myself- gripping the screen of your e-watsitmajig.

Think of the scene of ‘Apocalypse Now’ when the helicopters are soaring over the Nung River and blaring out Wagner’s Ride Of The Valkyries. Now take out the smell of napalm in the morning and Nam, and add a modern day setting, then add REAL magic to that little scenario! AND NO, NOT PAUL DANIELS OR BLAINE IN BOX ABOVE THE BLOODY THAMES. This is magic from the elements and magic that exists in the here and now!

Of course, you can just imagine it. Imagine if we all woke up to the news one morning and the headline read ‘MAGIC EXISTS’ there would be all kinds of legislation strapped to it and Control Point explores this in great detail as well as the ethics of magic and what should it be used for as well as if it should be used at all?

Myke Cole can have you pondering these questions from the first chapter and beyond.

Oscar’s struggle with his transition from soldier to a dangerous latent with the ability of Portamancy (gate magic) is so touching and there are so many times the reader can feel his pain with the changes and the difficult choices he has to make and sometimes unwillingly.

Oscars journey into a dark and dangerous world is accompanied by a cast of well written characters all of whom are latent and some of whom are more dangerous with and without magic, those being the witch or negramancer, Scylla, and the Chief Warrant Officer Fitzsimmons. One of my very favourite characters we meet when Oscar is forced to join the Shadow Coven in the Source, is Marty the Goblin, and I do hope nothing awful happens to him in the later books.

The third person prose style really works for the narrative of this novel and the pace did not drag for me at all.

This is such a strong start to what I'm sure is going to be a very enjoyable series. And Cole leaves us at book one with so many questions and so many places to explore. And Im sure as hell going to be delving into two and three asap. And that's affirmative. Sir!

Needless to say that if I was ‘coming up latent’ I’d hope that it would be in Physiomancy for obvious reasons.

I want to mention that as well as being a super nice guy and a kick ass author, Myke has also served in the military and done two tours of Iraq, not to mention the countless other outfits he has been a part of. I would like to personally thank Myke for his bravery and service to his country.

Control Point is available from headline and for more information about the author check out Myke Cole’s site also the author can be found on twitter @MykeCole

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