Comic - Death Sentence: London #3

Steve Taylor-Bryant discovers a deeper and more meaningful (to him at least) Death Sentence: London as he reviews issue #3...

I'm still not 100% sure that Monty Nero doesn't need some kind of therapy, he can't be sane and dream these ideas up, but with the London run of Death Sentence he has added a much more human level to the madness on the page and I'm still hooked. This month was no exception. In amongst the story of G+, government conspiracy and a reporter taking an interest in the Mayor of London, we find Jeb preparing to leave on his mission whilst his marriage is crumbling and Verity looking back on her life of regrets and trying to figure out why she never had a settled relationship. These are real world, real people problems, scenarios that most of us have had at one point or another. Watching Verity go back through her past and being told by ex's why she isn't marriage material is especially close to my heart, as it's something I always used to do in my dark days before I finally married. I didn't have the World Health Organisation or government agencies tracking me down though.

The hidden facts about the Mayor are beginning to unfold and is one strand of a bigger story that has really enthralled so far. Martin Simmonds' art has a realism about it that suits this run and the scenes in the bar while Verity thinks could have been dull under someone else's pencil but Simmonds has bought into Nero's writing and, between them, they spark excitement in even the most mundane of things like borrowing a phone.

We are just a  quarter of the way through this run but already I'm feeling Death Sentence:London is deeper than its predecessor. It may just be my warped mind but, whilst I adored DS:Original, London reads like it was written just for me and that takes talent.

Plus... Cockwombles.

Image - Titan Comics

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