Comic - Ramlock Investigates #1


Steve Taylor-Bryant has discovered a goat detective and he's not kidding around as he reads Ramlock Investigates #1 from our friends at Madius Comics...

Art by Drewvis (aka Drew Bristow)
Written by Jones/Sambrook

The World’s greatest detective...was busy... So they went with the next best option!

Enter Shirley Ramlock and Hamish Pigling, Natropolis’ dynamic duo of dingbattery. What connects a break in at the city's largest bank, the theft of a sheep’s wool and Ramlock’s pressing desire for Won Tons?

Find out in the action packed, mystery jamboree of Ramlock Investigates.

I really am falling in love with the guys involved in Madius Comics. The first two issues of Papercuts and Inkstains are right up my street with dark humour and varying art styles but when I was asked if I'd like a review copy of a children's comic, I'll be honest, I was worried. Not that the kids wouldn't like it, my kids love anything except bath time, but that I'd be too old and set in my ways to do any review justice. Happily I was wrong.

With Detective Ramlock, a goat, you have a bumbling idiot. The kind of detective you see sent up on sketch shows. Not that bright, walking into windows, losing track of what's going on and needing the toilet a lot, who is ably assisted by the real brains of the operation, Mr. Pigling. What you get is a story so funny that children will laugh but that works on an adult level as well. The inclusion of little pop culture play on words snippets, like Detective Cumberbund not being available, the grown ups will get and the kids will love the mode of transport being scooters.

The layout is very 80's Beano and I can't think of a higher compliment than that. Well drawn characters that keep their cartoony feel, superb use of colour, and a sort of Scooby Doo whodunit story that is a real throwback to the funny pages you used to get in your parent's Sunday newspaper.

Madius have shown they have another string to their bow and are really becoming THE force to be reckoned with in Indie Comics.

Image - Madius Comics

Available first from Nottingham Comic-con on 24th October
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