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Burden of Freedom

News of a crowdfunder for a new film that aims to highlight awareness of PTSD...

From one of the producers of The Chair, that we featured recently, comes news of a new film crowdfunder, hoping to bring PTSD back into public awareness.

BURDEN OF FREEDOM follows the story of U.S. Army Captain Brian Daniel, who fought in the historic battle of Najaf, Iraq, only to come home to a different kind of battle.

Brian is a young married man, and is a veteran of the war in Iraq as a Captain of the 101st Airborne Division. After being wounded in battle, he returns home, only to combat PTSD, and the horrific wartime memories that haunt him. He has dreams of moving to Southern California, and making a fresh start and, thanks to a family contact, has hoped of his dream coming true. 

Former First Sergeant Lance Harrison, Brian's childhood best friend from the same Airborne Company and who served under Brian, is also struggling mightily with PTSD. Lance suffers with horrific wounds, burns, constant pain - and unemployment - and a seeming lack of support from the Government for payments and medical benefits. The result is great personal, family and financial distresses and hardships. 

Two men injured in the same fateful, heated battle in Najaf, Iraq, struggling with the horrifying memories with different results.

The team behind the film hope that it will help spread awareness of PTSD in an impactful, dramatic way.

The screenwriter and producer of the film, Kenny De Soto Ramoz, said "If, after over three years of tirelessly working, hundreds of late late evenings, into the early mornings, of writing, phone calls, meetings and more writing, and more phone calls, and LA Team Meetings, and countless hundreds of hours of Team phone calls, and reaching out to thousands of people - if after all of that, the countless words, conversations, if we can somehow, some way, in some form, help to save at least one Soul, one Life, through our message of Hope contained within our Film, Burden of Freedom, it will have ALL been worth it. Every bit of it."

Kyle Hester, who plays Brian Daniel in the film, added "PTSD is personal for me. I have friends suffering with this currently and also that have lost the battle. It is vital that awareness and support for these men and women is in the forefront. I believe we can do this through film."

With many great perks and rewards on offer, such as t-shirts, mugs and dog tags, you can support their crowdfunder at this GoFundMe link, and we'll be keeping a close eye on the progress of the film.

Image - Burden of Freedom
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