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Criminal activity

The Defective Inspector joins the ranks of /G-f to give us a monthly round up of all the indie gaming news in his Criminal Activity Report...

My job as a Defective Inspector is a thankless one. For the last 20+ years I’ve been playing games and telling people about them, face to face, making sure they are kept abreast with all things entertainment. Sadly times are changing and so must I. Now I present my findings in a bureaucratic method of "words" and “digital signatures”, like that will catch on... So for your reading pleasure I shall now arrive on a monthly basis to display the best indie the internet has to offer because, let’s face it, the Triple A games don’t need me to market for them.

magical eyes

Magical Eyes – Red is for Anguish

A detective mystery game? Yes I am that transparent with my opening card, this game technically already exists, but in a Japanese only format. The people of the Fruitbat Factory have made it their life to take these Japanese games and allow people like us, humble westerners, to enjoy it.

Considering the group have a good track record and have received crowdfunding money in the past they seem like the right people for this job. It won’t be out until “This Winter” but sometimes a little exposure goes a long way to morale. Keep up the good work!


Within the coming weeks the closed Alpha of this game will begin, I am rather excited! Despite warding away from most FPSs these day I find this one goes back to Rainbow Six routes. You must plan, decide, execute and understand the scenery. It takes us away from the “Shoot first and ask questions later” approach FPSs have become synonymous for. I’ll be watching you Serellan



This game is NOT new, it’s been around for a few weeks now. However it wasn’t on PC until 3rd September. An important part of this game is you have NO jump button. By cramming together rocket jumping from Quake and platforming from… well, every platformer to ever exist… The people at Candescent Games and Section Studios have created a rather charming and impressively difficult physics driven game. Here’s a link, you know what to do


Does anyone remember “Galaxy on Fire”? I do, in fact I loved the game. It seems the people of ROCKFISH games have decided they want to set fire to the cosmos. Showing that Kickstarters can change the gaming world they not only reached their goal, but pummelled the stretch goal(s) to bring us “Everspace”. There is a lot of promise in this concept and I think ROCKFISH have good chance of making it happen. If you missed the Kickstarter, there are other ways to get involved


The Dwarves

My final note is about a currently running Kickstarter giving you a chance to be a part of something big about small folks. Here at /Garbage-file we LOVE reading so when a book becomes a game we have to take notice. The Dwarves (Originally called “Die Zwerge”) is a book written by Markus Heitz which is now trying to become a fully-fledged game via Kickstarter. The company behind this concept King Art Games have been there and done with crowd funded concepts, thus we know this is less of a gamble than normal. So if you like the idea of putting Dwarves into the front focus, back this physics-based one dwarf army RPG.

That’s all I am willing to talk about today. I am sure someone somewhere has more stories to tell, they should comment below because I am FAR TOO BUSY. An inspector’s job is never done…

Images - Pomera Studios, Epsilon Studios, Steam:Tinertia,, Kickstarter "The Dwarves"
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