Gaming - Introducing the Defective Inspector

Defective Inspector

With indie gaming becoming more of a "thing" for us, we decided we needed to call in a specialist. Introducing our new voice of gaming, the Defective Inspector...

My word, what a place this is. I do love a place called the /Garbage-file, it really highlights the fact that there is so much we completely ignore due to lack of interest or bad advertising that it goes into the bin. Well that’s not my way, that’s now how I roll! I am the Defective Inspector, it’s my job to dig through the dirt and show you that some things tossed aside are worth their weight in gold!

But to remain official I shall give you my profile, let the world know a little bit more about me without having to throw a an entire ink ribbon in your eye, might involve less visits to the hospital this way…

About me

I’m a mature (old) student, currently working through a fairly time consuming degree but in the breaks between the chaos I play games. I used to write for another website under the name “The Perfect Gentleman” but decided I needed to sound less like a upper class twit and more like a…. Middle class twit? What class are detectives these days? I dunno.. One of them! But… A twit

Expected reviews

Games mainly, I’ve written about games before and I plan to again. My main focus is PC games, mainly because I enjoy the versatility of the PC, but I may stray into the retro field every so often. I may also write in the movie section but it’ll be as a guest more than a regular.

Favourite genre

I’ll play just about any game, including the occasion sports game. If I had a gun to my head I’d probably say RTS games are my biggest favourites because I love to micromanage but it’s never stopped me playing other games!

Unless this question was about movies… Or music… Or…. Oh sod it read what I review and you’ll work it out!

Just for fun: If you could have one wish what would it be?

To have the power to bring back any games company I liked… Thought I’d say flight or world peace didn’t you? Na screw that! I don’t like heights and peace never lasts…

Thanks for having me /Garbage-file! I won’t let you down!




Image - Defective Inspector's own
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