Book - 21st Century Tank Girl

21st Century Tank Girl

This week saw the UK release by Titan Comics of the hardback collection of 21st Century Tank Girl....

After a break of 20 years, artist extraordinaire Jamie Hewlett (GORILLAZ) is leaping back on the Tank Girl wagon, re-teaming with series co-creator Alan Martin to bring you a whole new take on the foul-mouthed, gun toting, swill-swigging hellion! Featuring riotous 100% original content from Hewlett & Martin along with contributions from a host of series stalwarts and newcomers, get your head down, put your hands over your private parts, and prepare for a chaotic collection of strips, pin-ups, and random carnage!

Tank Girl Easy
Steve Taylor-Bryant, a Tank Girl fan since the early days, reviewed all the 21st Century Tank Girl comics at the time they came out, earlier this year.

You can read those reviews here:

Image - Titan Comics & Amazon

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