And now a word from Steve Taylor-Bryant, who has dressed festively for the part as a pantomime dame... What?  Oh, he always dresses like that? Sorry...

It's Chhhrrrriiiiiisssssstttttmmmmaaaaaaaaassssss!

"Ohhhhh no it isn't!" cries half the population.

"Ohhhhh yes it is!" screams the other half.

Ah, crying and screaming how I've missed you. Yes folks it's that time of year again. A time to love/hate your family. A time of thanks/what were you thinking in regards to gifts. A time of... You get the picture. One thing it means for a lot of you though is well deserved time off. We are also taking a break, a mini 'kind of' holiday. Whilst the office door will be bolted and the team gain a few extra pounds with mince pies and take more hangover remedies than is probably safe, keep an eye on our TWITTER account and shared FACEBOOK page from Boxing Day as there are rumours of a Scottish Takeover Bid in the run up to Hogmanay. (Albie)normal service will be resumed on New Year's Day, so please don't expect new content in the form of up to date reviews until then.

As we embark on our sprout eating mission we would like to send our love and best wishes for this holiday season to you all. May you be blessed with a wonderful time, much music and most of all may you be safe and well.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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