Comic - The King's Leap

Was The King's Leap a step too far for Steve Taylor-Bryant as he reads the one shot from our friends at Madius...

"A tale of Vikings and sorcery" states the credits page and I fear that finally there is a comic issued by Madius that I'll have to hate. And I kind of did but the fault is all mine and my failings, not theirs.

Rob Jones and Gareth Sleightholme tell the story of a Viking King, Gulbrand, and his compatriots the Sheild-Brothers as they battle demons and monsters but it's as told by someone else telling old folk tales to a future king. I am not a fan of the mystical. I can't stand fantasy. With the exception of King Arthur's legend I'm not the kind of guy who would buy anything knight/magic/monster related so The Kings Leap doesn't work... for me! However if you are a fantasy fan, if you 'get' that whole Game of Thrones style of story, then it will most definitely be for you.

Whilst I didn't enjoy the subject of the story, not the fault of Jones or Sleightholme, I did understand it and it works if you like that kind of thing. I really am glad I read it though for two reasons...

1 - it's been easy to love Madius for the hairbrained humour and nuttiness of most of their releases thus far but The Kings Leap shows the outfit can stand toe to toe with anyone else out there on a more serious story scale and...

2 - Gareth Sleightholme's art is top, top quality. Whether I liked the narrative or not is kind of beside the point when you see art like this. You HAVE to appreciate it. I'm not a fan of flowers but I'll look at Van Gogh's Sunflowers and I honestly believe the comparison is the right one to use as this book contains stunning art that will stand the test of time. It's so very detailed but flows like a film. It's dark and grey and yet shines off the page and you cannot take your eyes off it.

I already know there is talent out there in creator owned land but rarely do I see panels that make me stop and marvel like The Kings Leap. I just wish I could get my head around fantasy as this book deserves better than I can write.


Images - Madius Comics

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