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Welcome to AlbieMedia Arts and Music site, herein known as AM, the sister site to immensely popular The DreamCage.

When you work on websites, blogs, magazines and the like, it's a tough slog getting everything you want to write about in front of the right audience. You may have listened to a fantastic unsigned band on a Saturday or been to an art gallery or the theatre and want the world to know exactly how much of a great time you had. You rush home and sit at your PC and spend hours writing a review that shows your passion and hopefully does a little bit of good in pushing a wider audience to your subject matter. You email off the article feeling really good about life and get told that your words will be live the following Monday. Excellent! You shall sleep well tonight. Then Monday comes and as promised your article is indeed live but Marvel has released a new film or a character in a popular show has done something news worthy and your passionate words get lost in the noise as the site's audience eats up the popular news and neglects your piece like a sprout after Christmas. You are gutted. Distraught even. The world will never know about that awesome painting that inspired your soul to empty onto the page. The artist will starve as no one will go to the gallery. It's all your fault!

I know this as it happens to us all the time. We love The DreamCage and its audience and it has its followers for certain content and that's great but sometimes there is something else you want read and you really are battling your own success. We tried to mix the non-popular with the popular before. It didn't work. Everything got lost in the noise.

Well no more! What AM intends to do is be our home for music, theatre, comedy, art, all of those events we love that aren't necessarily a comic convention, and hopefully you will read both sites. Hopefully you'll spread the word. Hopefully an audience as passionate as The DreamCage one will build for AM.

So enjoy what we enjoy. Follow the Twitter for regular updates, a daily song chosen by DJ STEVIE, join the joint Facebook page, tell us we're right. Tell us we're wrong. Suggest what events, bands, shows or art we should be looking at. This site may be ours but it's for you.

Thanks for listening. You are good people. Have a pop video as thanks...

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