Music - Heaven's In Here, a David Bowie Tribute

Steve Taylor-Bryant gives his thoughts on today's news about David Bowie...

I'm not one for looking at positive things. I'm not an optimist. When an icon like David Bowie passes I just want to be left alone to wallow in my sadness and pretend I knew him. However Bowie had such differing styles, so many versions that I can't help but see a positive coming from this tragic time - a new generation of people are going to learn who Bowie was and discover their own Starman. Radio stations are playing various Bowie albums in their entirety, even sports channels have got in on the act.

Young people cannot escape the love our generation has for Bowie and a large percentage will now seek out Bowie's back catalogue and become fans in their own right. From Ziggy to Blackstar a new era of fans is today being born and that is marvellous, that shows the power of an icon, that even in death he is changing lives. I get laughed at a lot in certain circles for my particular taste in Bowie, not today though. Today the tastes are levelled, today fans of old are united in grief, new fans are rushing to their download app of choice, today all Bowie is equally relevant and important, today Tin Machine will discovered by someone new and loved as I love them and do you know what? That's utterly brilliant.

RIP you legend X

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