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Blood lust ep 4

Susan Omand heads back to Collinsport to listen to episode four of Dark Shadows: Bloodlust...

An uneasy calm hangs over Collinsport as tragedy turns to fear.

Andrew Cunningham returns to the Inn where his wife Amy has just got their youngest son Tommy off to sleep. They talk about his first day at work with the Star and the fact that his old boss, Mr Bishop, must have given him good references for Kate Ripperton to give him a job. However Andrew says the references necessary “under the circumstances.” They talk about the children and Amy suggests that Andrew should talk to Harry more but Andrew answers that tonight is not a good time because he is going out to play cards. Amy argues that she may also have wanted to go out tonight but Andrew points out that she wouldn’t want to go anywhere and bullying her into staying in. As he leaves Amy mutters under her breath that he doesn’t know anything about her.

Meanwhile Kate and Frankie are in The Blue Whale. Kate asks Ed, the barman, if he’s had any more dealings with the Sheriff but he says everything has been fine since she knew he’d been with Frankie at the time of the murder. Ed takes Frankie aside for a word and Kate chats about Frankie and the mine to Jess, Ed’s mother, who is working behind the bar, asking if she knows what the miners are actually digging for but Jess has never asked. Meanwhile Ed asks Frankie whether he believes in the supernatural before telling him about Susan’s ghost.

The Sheriff is discussing the case with her deputy, trying to work out any connection between the deceased and the people of Collinsport when the Sheriff brings up the possibility of vampire activity, although she decides that they still need to find the murderer, demon or not. Of her three suspects, Reverend Trask, Kate Ripperton and Ed Griffin, she decides to talk to Trask first.

Frankie is having difficulty believing that Susan’s ghost has returned, so she appears to prove it to him. As Ed goes to replace Frankie’s dropped beer, Frankie and Susan talk and Susan tells him she doesn’t know why she’s back but, while she is, she wants to look after Ed. Frankie leaves them, now convinced that Susan’s ghost is real. Kate and Frankie leave the bar and Mike Devereux enters just as Maggie starts her meeting.

Meanwhile Andrew isn’t playing cards but has gone back to the cave to talk to Angelique. Angelique refers to his demands for money earlier that day but says she has terms of her own...

Lots happening again this episode. The showdown between Angelique and Andrew came to a head and I love the way that it was resolved, for now at least, because fear of the unknown is one of the most psychologically scary things. I also get the feeling there’s still a lot of characters’ back stories to be revealed in future episodes as it seems like people know each other “from before” but nothing has been clarified yet. And, again, there are little inconsequential nuggets of information that I’m sure are going to come to fruition as the story carries on, so the writing continues to intrigue and excel. The acting is also, as ever, very good, with Angelique at her commanding best and stealing the show this time for me, although I found Andrew’s character very annoying again. If this is intentional, it’s very well written and performed. Mention too must be made of the sound design in this episode as it made it very easy to follow who was in which location, something that must have been quite complex in such a busy episode.

After the apparent resolution of the Angelique/Andrew faceoff, the final twist again came totally out of left field and I can only assumed it’s related, so we shall see next time what comes of that.

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