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Chris Smith catches the VirulentBlurb as he reads Sporadic Too: Infections from Kneel Downe...

Sporadic Too: Infections is a beast of a book, both in terms of content and page count. Weighing in at a hefty 332 pages, Infections is simultaneously a part of and a part from the VirulentBlurb Universe. This universe is the borderline insane (yet oddly coherent) tour de force of fiction from author, Kneel Downe. In the author’s own words, unlike the first Sporadic volume, Infections touches on the wider Universe in greater depth but still remains accessible for first-time readers.

Possibly one of the few writers on Twitter that actively uses the platform to write rather than talking about writing, Infections retains much of the feel of Twitter. Sentences are short and punchy, the beginning of one and the ending of another difficult to isolate. However, Infections never loses itself and, while those who insist on the sanctity of grammar and prose might groan, everyone else won’t have a problem.

Downe has always been a writer with a great reverence for pop culture and Infections begins with a tribute to Lemmy of Hawkwind and Motorhead, with a second tribute – this time to Bowie – later on in the book. Further tributes appear throughout the book, hidden in stories for the reader to discover.

Of the stories, not all take the form of traditional short stories or vignette. The Last Day on Earth, for example, is worlds apart from the following stories, Almond, or Apocalypta. These are more akin to unconventional poetry rather than fiction and yet – like all of Downe’s other work – difficult to define as that either. Appearances – and references to – Kurt Lobo and Amelia are always welcome, given that they are without doubt two of the Universe’s best characters.

Those encountering the VirulentBlurb for the first time via Infections might feel like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole. Your expectations will be challenged. You may be left confused and baffled. Enjoy it. Tumble a little further and discover a whole new universe.

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