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Bloodlust episode 8

As dawn breaks over Collinsport, the new Sheriff takes office and Susan Omand listens to episode 8 of Dark Shadows Bloodlust (spoilers) ...

Barnabas, Quentin and Angelique discuss the previous night’s attack. Quentin tells them of Carolyn’s involvement in the meeting and Angelique is asked to conduct a projection spell to see what’s going on in Collinwood. However it is dawn and Barnabas heads to sleep, while Quentin needs to get to Tom before the full moon. Angelique casts her spell but “powerful magic” shields the house from her.

Harry wakes up in hospital with Cody by his bed. They talk about Amy and Harry’s belief that she murdered his father because of the voodoo doll. Meanwhile Maggie Evans starts day one as the new Sheriff of Collinsport. They are inundated with phone calls of suspicious behaviour and Maggie asks her deputy to work through the list. Maggie realises that the attacks always happen at night so she imposes a curfew.

Amy goes to see Harry in hospital and asks Tom to pack for them so that they can leave town as soon as possible. She also asks him to keep an eye on the Inn because she had promised Maggie they would see to it while she was settling in to the Sheriff’s job.

Ex-sheriff Rhonda Tate bumps into Reverend Trask. They talk about his injuries from the attack on him a few nights previously and he enquires after her own wellbeing. Trask asks her to not stop looking for the truth.

Amy talks to the doctor, Cody’s father, and asks when she can take Harry home but the doctor tells her Harry needs to stay in for observation. She then goes in to see Harry, who asks her straight out if she killed his father. Amy is incredulous that Harry could think that and explains that she wants nothing to do with the supernatural and they decide that someone was making Harry think it was her.

Quentin arrives at the Inn to talk to Tom and tells him that their families are related and tells a bit of his own history. Tom naively listens and accepts everything as true.

Cody takes some serial killer reference books over to Jackie, just as her mother, Rhonda, gets back. They all talk about Harry and the attack and Jackie comes up with a point that sets Rhonda thinking. Rhonda phones her old deputy, Eric, but the call is cut short as Maggie returns to the Sheriff’s office. Maggie asks about the lists of unusual behaviour, then mentions some research on Vampire blood being different and insists on compulsory blood tests.

The radio announces the impeding imposition of the curfew that evening as Frankie arrives at Kate’s work to share lunch with her. He says he can’t stay long as he is due on shift at the mine. They talk about the meeting and Kate is sure she is missing something in the story.

Back at the Inn, Quentin tells Tom some more of his history and announces that he is Tom’s great great grandfather, which Tom thinks is “so cool”. Quentin then explains that the family curse has passed to Tom and tonight, at full moon, he will turn into a werewolf. Meanwhile a voice speaks to Barnabas in his sleep, saying if he cares about Maggie, he has to go to Widow’s Hill for 9 pm.

Jackie reads out of Cody’s serial killer books and suggests that they re-infiltrate Maggie’s group to “keep an eye on them”. They leave just as Eric arrives, ostensibly with Rhonda’s things from the office but really to give her interview notes and a pho ne number that she had requested. Rhonda phones the number, for the Buttercup Motel, pretending to be Kate.

Reverend Trask arrives to see Angelique who is surprised and worried at his injuries. Trask, however, is happy to still serve her, even though he is not obligated. In return he wants to know the truth about who he really is, however he collapses suddenly before they finish talking. She pleads with the lord of darkness to take her life instead but to no avail, Trask has died. She then vows that all will pay.

Quentin is still trying to explain the wolf to Tom, who doesn’t understand that he can’t control it. Quentin has to get him somewhere safe for the night and they go to the Collins mausoleum.

Angelique wonders why she must always lose her happiness and threatens revenge on the town at twilight when the “oldest creatures” will awake.

The radio reports a shooting at Widow’s Hill and Kate is heading out to report on it just as Frankie returns. A knock at their door reveals Rhonda who accuses Kate of lying to the police about her whereabouts at the time of two of the attacks, after speaking to the motel she was supposedly at, and asks where she really was.

Angelique wakes Barnabas to tell him Trask is dead, the victim of the shooting. Barnabas is annoyed that Quentin’s plans have led to this and then yearns to feed and Angelique willingly complies.

The radio news reports that everyone in Collinsport has to appear at the Sheriff’s office to give a blood sample but the radio is switched off before the news finishes.

Lots of unanswered questions in this episode with some clever writing, if not a lot of action, after the frenzy of the meeting in the last episode. For now though I’m left wondering - who shot Trask and why? Where has Kate been? And why is the Tom story still a thing? But I’m sure all of these and more will be answered soon. It was also interesting to see how Maggie has reacted to becoming sheriff, using her new found power to further on her own agenda, rather than trying to solve the actual cases and I’m pleased to hear that ex-Sheriff Tait has not been run out of town yet, as she seems to be one of the few calm and unruffled characters left, as people have definitely now started to “take sides”. The addition of the radio news as a way to give the listener information to further the plot was a neat way to get round what could have been laborious explanations if done through dialogue. As I hinted at above, though, I’m still not sure why Tom’s character is so important yet and Frankie also seems to have become a main player while remaining under the radar, so I can only hope that their stories do actually come to something. I guess we’ll have to wait til next time to find out.

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