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Our friends at Titan Books announce the start of a brand new mystery series set in post‐war Britain is to be published in April...

The Age of Treachery is written by acclaimed British Hollywood screenwriter Gavin Scott, whose screen credits include projects with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. Introducing Oxford don Duncan Forrester, a young man scarred and aged by war, Scott perfectly captures the fragile spirit of a nation recovering from the destruction of WWII.

Ex-­Special Operations Executive agent Duncan Forrester has returned from the war and is back at his Oxford college as a junior Ancient History Fellow. But his peace is shattered when a much­‐disliked colleague is found murdered in the quad. Forrester is not convinced of the principal suspect’s guilt and, on the hunt for the true killer, he finds himself plunged into a mystery involving lost Viking sagas, Satanic rituals and wartime espionage.

Featuring cameos from J.R.R. Tolkien, Ian Fleming and Thor Heyerdahl, The Age of Treachery is perfect for fans of John le Carré, Colin Dexter and Dorothy L. Sayers.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gavin Scott is a British Hollywood screenwriter who spent twenty years as a radio and television reporter for BBC and ITN, and has worked in film and television with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. His films include Small Soldiers and The Borrowers; among his television series are The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and War and Peace: his next project is Dunkirk for Working Title. He lives in California.

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