Comic - The People of True Believers Comic Festival

The Defective Inspector has found his travel clipboard and tells us more of some of the people he met at last month's True Believers Comic Festival...

As time continues on I’ve had a chance to look over all the business cards and leaflets I took from people in The True Believers Comic Festival, while I could literally just list everyone off I spoke to for more than 20 minutes the article would be too immense for the internet to handle. However these 5 people really stuck in my mind but for various reasons, so here are 5 groups/people who changed my comic con life.

Rum Rum Awry by ‘Death by Heroism’

I met these 2 manly geniuses about midway through the day but they deserve first mention for their project. Rum Rum Awry. It is a literal journal of an adventurer called Alexander McCuba who has been marooned on a lone island filled with some of the most unusual creatures and situations. The best way this was sold to me was when the bearded fellow (On the left) took the time to read a passage of the soon to be released book. I completely lost my sh*t when the tortuously slow companion to McCuba was compared to a balloon being fired from a crossbow. After a successful KickStarter the book is due to be wildly available any day now (Quoted in March on the KickStarter page). If you like the insane, hilarious and creatively inventive then this project is for you!

Doc Dino

Doc Dino by Tom Ward and Chris Walsh.

No you did not misread that, Dr Tyrannosaurus Rexley is indeed Doc Dino and is the greatest surgeon in the world… on paper. This ludicrous concept had me hooked from the moment Tom Ward (pictured above) first mentioned it. Between making sweet love to the ladies or killing actual patients this noble, false moustache wielding, ancient lizard has won over my heart and funny bone. The successful Kickstarter ended very recently so I can’t wait to see what his tiny arms do with a scalpel… Beyond vivisection…

Little Lives

Little Lives by Sam Hill and Sarah Wades (Twisted Art)

This is the first pocket sized comic which has an intermission and I love it. It’s a mini story about pirates, ninjas, zombies and embodiments of good/evil. Rather than getting bogged down on what could be an excessively serious situation Sarah and Sam successfully prove that whimsy, charm and enjoyment are the backbone of good work. These 2 people are absolutely lovely and were recommended to me by a long-time friend/villain of mine The Joker UK. Sometimes it’s good to have friends in unusual places.

Pizza Eaters

Everything by ‘Pizza Eaters’

In a comic book festival you’re almost guaranteed to meet people who are a little… out there. Pizza Eaters definitely falls into that category as they have created some of the zaniest and cheesiest pieces of work I have ever seen. Despite the inedibility of their work I found myself hungry for more with every item I glanced over. It’s difficult to fully explain what their activity books contain so I’ll just leave this here and let you uncover it for yourself! I highly recommend watching the videos!

Beast Hunting Battle Badgers by Steve Sims

I never thought a concept and an artist would have so much alliteration but here we are! When chatting with Steve I could the distinct impression he wanted to make something different but still remaining a fundamentally awesome and his comic really nailed that. Steve is better known for his Beast Quest illustrations but this project is all him and I have to support that sort of thing. This Ron Howard lookalike (Hope that isn’t an insult Steve…) has infused his passion into me when it comes to Badgers, which is saying something! I wish this guy the best of luck and it was a pleasure chatting with him.

For all those I didn’t mention, please forgive me. I may yet make another article to include some more of you! I just have so many things to do T_T.

Top image - True Believers
Other Images - Defective Inspector's own
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