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The Defective Inspector shows that he ain't afraid of no ghosts and gives his thoughts after watching the trailer for the Ghostbusters reboot...

Is it odd to review a trailer? I personally think it is, but as a long standing fan of the franchise (Yes even the cartoons and comics) I was always a little nervous about this reboot and needed to see the trailer ASAP and talk about it. NO, before universal rage starts rocking in, I am not nervous about the number of X chromosomes in the mix. There is not a good track record of taking 80s classics and toying with them and I want to share with you my thoughts and concerns…

1. They are playing it safe in the wrong places

When reintegrating new material into a classic you cannot go TOO far from the source material. It’s gotta involve ghosts and it needs to involve backpacks which rock the block when ghouls knock but the trailer suggested something dangerously similarities. We have a Spengler (Wiig) and we have Stantz (McCarthy) and even a hazardously racial stereotype (Jones) but there is a possible Bill shaped hole. Our countering 4th (McKinnon) has an almost future tech Tank Girl feels about her, while I LIKE Tank Girl I want a Murray character without it actually BEING Bill Murray.

2. Graphically it’s a leap ahead

The delicious CGI I’ve seen so far has been counter balanced with the comedic green goo and that presents a REALLY good sign for the future. While looks are not everything it can certainly improve on everything so knowing there is a beautiful new age cinematics injected into 80s style thinking is a great step in the right direction. Watch the trailer at the bottom and lose your sh*t when the Beetlejuice Pantaloons creature looms overhead.

3. It’s going full canon

Reboot is the right word here, they are keeping the source material in mind and not reinventing the wheel, instead they are putting stuff on it. The hopes of this new step in the franchise is to keep the Ghostbuster’s world going rather than restarting it but this isn’t a good or bad thing. 80s franchises like Alien and Terminator have not done well in the recent light of day and there isn’t much to suggest Ghostbusters will do any better. However we can expect jokes to reappear, concepts to be reborn and Twinkies. If there are no Twinkies I will NOT be impressed.

4. Paul Feig

This guy is not on my nice list. Despite the fact I loved some works of his (Arrested Development and… well, mainly acting) he is not someone I’d call an acclaimed director. While I appreciate Bridesmaids was a well-received movie he has a VERY bad rep beyond it. I Am David was a disaster and Unaccompanied Minors came with major issues, even more recent stuff like The Heat and Spy have received mixed reviews at best. The fact Ivan Reitman is alive and only a producer worries me greatly, that man should have been directing and the fact he isn’t is ominous.

5. It’s… not that funny

Majority of the trailer didn’t have me giggling, there were a few smiles at best but nothing more. I am not sure if this is a sign of a different action/comedy/sci-fi balance or a poorly directed teaser but whatever the reason it brings fear to my heart. One thing I LOVED about Ghostbusters was I was taken on an adventure into a familiar but new place while laughing my way through it all. That being said watching the power of pain expel a poltergeist is perhaps the golden gem adorned in a plastic gumball ring.

Overall? I’m worried, but still receptive. Teasers are designed to get people talking and we all are! While I hear everyone discuss the good, the bad and the ghostly I am still unsure who am I gonna call…

Images from Ghostbusters Twitter
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