Book - The Iron Ghost

Romeo Kennedy awaits the dawning of a new mage as he reads the second book in The Copper Cat trilogy, The Iron Ghost by Jen Williams....

I make no qualms squeeing about the books I love and this one is no exception. We rejoin the Blackfeather Three on their adventures for money and booze. Faced with insurmountable dangers at every corner. If you need a job done well then hire the Blackfeather Three. Wydrin, the Copper Cat of Crosshaven, Sebastian the Ynnsmouth Knight, and Lord Aaron Frith are back and once again are making old Gods and demons quite cross, to say the least. Our three heroes are given the task of retrieving a stolen item in the faraway city of Skaldshollow, but in a place of ancient magic the once feared Joah Demonsworn is making way for his return to cause bloody hell-up.

Reading Williams’ sequel to the fabulous The Copper Promise, was like visiting old friends. And I make no secret that I’m a bit of fanboy of Wydrin who, lets face it, is just awesome. The Iron Ghost features new and old characters and a wonderful villain, in the form of Joah Demonsworn who, is absolutely wonderful to read, and at times really unnerved me.

You can rely on Jennifer Williams to draw you into a fantastic world filled with strange monsters and incredible magic, and the Iron Ghost is no exception to this. The reader can expect to see stone creatures called Werkens who are controlled by individuals wielding magic from the mountain, and just wait until you meet one of them. There are weird spiders, giant millipedes.

And the Brood Sisters are back!

Of course there is a lot more that I’m not going to spoil for you but  there are a few surprises in store and a couple of moments that made me cry.And many more moments that made me feel like a part of the Blackfeather Three.

“Never piss off a God. Thats what I always say.” – Wydrin

The Iron Ghost is an incredibly groovy sequel of what is a very wonderful and enjoyable series. Beautifully written and beautifully paced.

And I cannot wait to rejoin Wydrin on her adventures in The Silver Tide.

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