Book - Walk With Us: How the West Wing Changed Our Lives

A new anthology, Walk With Us: How the West Wing Changed Our Lives is published today, ten years to the day after the last episode of the show we love aired...

You only have to read the West Wing articles that Steve Taylor-Bryant has written for this site to know how much the TV series means to him and to all of us here at /G-f. So we were excited by the news that a new anthology of other people's thoughts, memories and feelings about the show is published today after a successful crowdfunding campaign back in 2014. Here's some more information from the anthology editor about the collection.

The West Wing premiered in 1999. That's a long time ago. Back then, we were worrying about the Millennium Bug, paying $700 for DVD players, and using pagers. 1999: a century ago.

And yet, the show continues to have an impact that is arguably unique. If you live or work in DC, references to it are inescapable. People have walked down the aisle to the theme music. Or they’ve named children, pets, GPS systems, and even an iPhone app after the characters. Or they’ve started Twitter accounts as the characters to continue the storyline and comment on current political events. Or they credit it for closer relationships with their family members or a way out of depression.

In this anthology of quotes and essays, contributors from six countries, ranging in age from twenty to seventy years old, tell their West Wing stories.

About the Editor

The Anthology was brought together by editor Claire Handscombe. Claire moved from Europe to Washington, DC, in 2012, ostensibly to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing but really, let's be honest, because of her West Wing obsession. She has written about the show for theWashington Post, Washington Life, and the Washingtonian, and her poetry, essays, and journalism have appeared in a wide variety of places.

Walk With Us: How the West Wing Changed Our Lives is available to buy in paperback direct from the website and is also available in various e-book formats.

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