SotD - Saturday Throwback : Shakin' Stevens, This Ole House


Song of the Day (SotD) is our choice of a single or album track that we think you need to hear. However, instead of the new music featured through the week, Saturday Throwback is a track from back in the day to kick off your weekend in style. Once upon a time, a young Steve Taylor-Bryant wrote a letter...

Dear Mr. Shakin'

I am a six year old boy who also has 'Steven' as part of his name. Mummy says your real name is Michael but I don't believe her as she tends to drink lots of bubbly water that makes her fall over. I am writing to you as I am an expert in building things and with my Lego I don't even need instructions. I would like to help you with your home renovations as I would like you to keep touring but was upset you might not be able to because of your DIY issues. The world needs you to carry on being the UKs best Elvis impersonation and in my humble opinion no one else can stand on their toes whilst wearing that much denim like you. However I've grown concerned about your home. Not having the time to fix the ceiling or the time to fix the floor can be a tremendous stress. I do not know what shingles are but I can definitely oil some hinges and I'm an expert in broken window panes since grandad bought me a football. Nobody likes a house that lets in the rain and then lets in the cold and I worry that if your knees are in fact that chilly you won't be able to bust out those groovy dance moves I like.

Your home should hear laughter again and I don't know why it doesn't recognise your wife anymore, maybe I could draw it a picture whilst I'm there to help? I really hope your ole house doesn't get anymore feeble and I have some Airfix paints I can bring so it doesn't feel tuckered out anymore, I don't like being tuckered out either it makes me grumpier than daddy when Tottenham lose in the cup.

Let me know if I can help and have the job? I'll even stop hiding behind the green door.


Steve aged 6 1/4

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