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From debut author Ren Warom and Titan Books comes a cyberpunk thriller that will "delight fans of Lauren Beukes and William Gibson"…

After the world broke, Foon Gung was the only piece of habitable land left. Most of the earth’s population took to city hubs and land ships, leaving the inhabitants of the Gung to eke out an existence in its claustrophobic confines.

In this world Shock Pao is a Fail. He flunked his Psych eval and chose to try and make his fortunes in the Gung’s brutal underworld, rather than following the safe, dull life of a Pass. But things have not worked out as he planned and with no degree, no job and no affiliations, he has nothing to protect him from angry ex-customers.

Of which he has quite a few, mostly violent crime lords.

But Shock is also a Haunt and not just any Haunt – he’s the best. There isn’t a system he can’t crack into, no virtual lock he can’t pick, nothing he can’t steal for the right price. Invisible and undetectable, he has no equal.

So when his ex brings Shock a job that could help him escape his miserable existence, he accepts. Little realising that it will turn out to be his most challenging, and most illegal assignment yet.


Escapology is the debut novel from Ren Warom, author of the acclaimed e-novella The Lonely Dark (Fox Spirit 2014). She lives in Birmingham UK with her children. Follow her on Twitter @renwarom

Escapology comes out on 14th June.

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