Book - Seasons of War

A pre-order availability date is announced for Seasons Of War - The War Doctor Anthology ...

Here's the announcement by Chinbeard Books.

"After many moons of waiting, it is with some relief and with great excitement that we can announce that SEASONS OF WAR will be available to pre-order on FRIDAY 1st JULY 2016, at midday 13:00 GMT.

This is the unofficial charity anthology, featuring John Hurt's War Doctor from the BBC's Doctor Who.

Editor, Declan May has done the most astonishing job of gathering the finest writers to contribute a story. Plus, John Hurt's War Doctor has a chinbeard in his last outing. So, it's fate. Ahem.

Writers include big names like GEORGE MANN, GARY RUSSELL, JENNY COLGAN, KATE ORMAN, MATTHEW SWEET, PAUL MAGRS, MATT FITTON, LANCE PARKIN, ANDREW SMITH, JOHN PEEL and JIM MORTIMORE. And they aren't just 'big' because we've written them in capitals.

A strictly *limited edition*, we expect it to sell out very quickly. So, once the pre-ordering goes live, do steer your TARDIS in the direction of the Chinbeard Shop at speed."

For more information see the Chinbeard Books website, Facebook page and follow the Seasons of War Twitter feed @DWSeasonsOfWar

Image - Chinbeard Books
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