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June is bustin' out all over and the Defective Inspector bust out all over his desk with this month's bumper activity report...

Did you spot it? I disappeared for a month. HOW DID YOU PEOPLE SURVIVE? Well fear not loyal reader(s) I have returned to keep you updated, informed and amused for all things indie. While it is easy to think about the Papa Smurf of digital conferences (E3) there is always time to look at those overlooked and underappreciated. Just because I am a little upset with myself skipping May due to personal reasons I shall add pinch more to this report as my way of saying “I’m sorry”.

Space Run Galaxy

Did you play the original? Remember how awesome it was? Well it gets awesome-er. Learning a few lessons from the first Space Run game PassTech Games have thrown in some new spices to the franchise’ pot. Online player interaction, user-created contracts and even greater customisation proves that this game series can and will go from strength to strength. Officially it’s not released yet but click here and get it at a discount. It’s a safe link... Well as safe as Steam can be anyway.

Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me!

Before the police knock down my door for sexual harassment let me explain! This was on my list of things to talk about last month and I foolishly let the real world distract me. As of 1st June a Kickstarter to introduce a dance interactive touch screen mobile/tablet Rocky Horror game achieved its finance goal and then a little bit more. Luckily for me involvement and support is still possible (or at very least recruiting to the mailing list) via the established website. So you can be fully prepared and ready to induce pelvic thrusts with your finger.

Thimbleweed Park

If I said “Monkey Island” you’d immediately think of Tim Schafer and I don’t blame you for that. He is a magnificent man, but he was not alone by any stretch of the imagination. Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick should be names you recognise and they too were involved in LucasArts games and are coming back into the spotlight. Back in 2014 there was a beautiful campaign to bring back the essence of point and click pixelated adventure games to the forefront. Since then we’ve been in silence but now we have our first taste in this trailer on their website. Also… Important to note that a Bristolian is involved in the project, widely successful. I love you Malcolm Stead

IndieCade Europe

This one of for the EU indie creator inside of you. If you are a studio, creator or spirit who wants to be involved in a rapidly growing indie gaming festival then this is your moment to get involved. IndieCade is not new, it’s been established for about 10 years now but it’s spreading from outside the US and allowing people like myself in the UK to become part of the indie community. OBVIOUSLY the US sessions are still marching forward but… Well I am in the UK so consider this writer’s bias. This is early days for IndieCade outside of the United States so creator/game alike should consider going to Paris to enjoy more than just a large pointy tower.

Crowdfunder of the Month? PAH! LET’S MAKE IT 3!

I did say this article would come with a little extra. Below are 3 of the best KickStarters (In no particular order) I could find and at least 1 of them had achieved funding while writing this article. This means you will, at minimum, have one game that you can be a part of from the ground up without worrying about achieving the funding goal. Will I tell you which one? HELL NO! Click on the game(s) which interest you must, THAT should be your defining choice.


You’d be forgiven not knowing who Chuck Carter is, he has been behind the scenes of so many of your favourite games like Command and Conquer and Myst. What you have not been told is recently he stepped out of the shadow and announced he has the power, experience and awareness to make an artistically beautiful immersive game based on the dream world. By overcoming puzzles, emotional blockages and twisting reality you must piece together a lost legacy from dreams long since forgotten. Best of all there is a freely accessible artistic preview of ZED to download and use, just follow the KickStarter links.


Okay we’ve all seen Jurassic Park/World. Dinosaurs range from goliaths to assassins but we humans seem to fumble our way to survive in every movie. So the next question is… How did Dinosaurs survive against each other? Urvogel Games have decided to answer that question in Saurian where you play the role of a dinosaur surviving from hatchling to adulthood by dodging environmental hazards and terrifying predators. Will you meet humans? GOD NO! Urvogel are sticklers to science and the game will be made as thus! So by proxy of playing a fantastic game you’ll be learning more about the prehistoric world you never knew about. This may be a rare moment where gaming and education co-mingle in the right way, it looks really promising!


Alright let us just pause a moment. Watch the video and then come back.

Done it? Great!

That music, that environment, that concept it’s all just so moving. I got extremely giddy from the audio alone but I’ve calmed myself down and since looked into it a bit further. The game is a gold standard where you search an open world, scavenge pieces to craft items and interact with the environment around you. The battle dynamics seem more cautious which is a nice little twist but the story and music is a clear driving force for me. If you followed my instructions then you know where to go to support it. If you didn’t…. GET IN LINE.

Once again good reader(s) I thank you for being patient with me last month. Expect more of the same and maybe even better in the future. Remember to go to our Steam Curator Page to keep up to date on all recommended games by yours truly.

Images from Steam, KickStarter, RockHorrorGames, Thimbleweedpark and IndieCade
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