Comic - Tragic Tales of Horrere #2 Preview

Just as you were starting to get over the chills from issue 1, Horrere #2 is about to hit the shelves. Here's a short preview courtesy of the madness of Madius Comics...


From Little O Productions and Madius Comics comes an anthology which is set to scare you right out of your trousers. Featuring a stunning front cover from the profoundly evil Rouselle MacEwan and a back cover from the ridiculously talented Dean Hopkins (it will steal your soul!) the issue will haunt your dreams before you ever even open it. However, If you are brave enough to peek inside here’s what you’ll find...

From the dastardly minds of Rob Jones and Mike Sambrook (Papercuts and Inkstains, Griff Gristle, Ramlock Investigates) come three tales of terror, creepiness and intrigue conjured to life by our resident art warlocks, Alisdair Wood, Gareth Sleightholme and Neil Ford. And if that wasn’t enough for you, we also have a fantastic guest story this issue from the brilliant Diego Simone and Luis Roldan Torque. A bumper pack of nightmares!

Want to know more about what you can expect to find lurking in these long forbidden tales of darkness? Well, here’s a little taster...


Words: Jones / Sambrook
Art: Neil Ford

A shortcut through a graveyard? What could possibly go wrong? The hairs standing up on the back of your neck? That’s real. Very real. You’re never quite as alone as you might think you are. The walls are thinner than they appear.


Words: Jones / Sambrook
Art: Gareth Sleightholme

The doctor is in. What makes a killer, kill? What drives a person to darkness? What lies behind the mask? We delve into the nature of evil in a bloodsoaked dive into the abyss. Are you brave enough to join us?


Words: Luis Roldan Torque
Art: Diego Simone

The world as we know it has fallen. They are here. Remaining bands of survivors club together to try and beat starvation and fight back the only way they know how, by trusting each other. But can anyone really be trusted? A guest story from Torque & Simone.

Grimoire Chapter 2: A FISH OUT OF WATER

Words: Jones / Sambrook
Art: Alisdair Wood

The wait is over! It’s time to get some answers to last issue’s shocking cliffhanger. Just when things seemed to be taking a positive turn, everything our gang thought they knew gets thrown out the window. Better check the Grimoire… Something evil is brewing.

Horrere issue #02 will be available at Glasgow Comic Con on the 2nd & 3rd of July and after that, you can purchase copies from

Images  - Madius Comics
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