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Steve Taylor-Bryant has an opinion. And a batty idea for a film. Whether you like it or not. But play nice...

You can't escape opinion in film any more. It's the best/worst (delete as applicable) it's ever been and, with the rise of technology and electronic media, we are now all mouthpieces for our brains, some have better brains than others mind you. I like opinions. I like having them, I like listening and reading obviously educated folk who agree with mine, and I enjoy the opinions of those whose ideas differ to mine. It makes the world exciting, it breeds a culture of debate that if you know where the line is can only improve society. If you don't know where that line is though it can breed only hatred and contempt. I write my opinions because I can, because I believe I have something to say, something that might interest one of you. I don't write to boost my ego, it needs no such help, I want to debate ideas and get excited for future films and events. I want to hear your opinions on what I say, I truly do, in the comments below. I don't however want my site to become a breeding ground for abuse, so play nice?

I write this warning as I have an opinion on a film not yet made that I know some will not like, you won't agree, you will think I am Batshit (sorry) crazy. It's just my opinion though, something I would like to see. I have no power in film, my ideas will never be taken seriously by filmmaker types so disagree but shelve the hate. I want to talk about bringing Jim Carrey back as The Riddler...

Have you all calmed down now? Are you ready to hear me out? Good.

To get to why, we have to look at the current incumbent of the BatTights, Ben Affleck. I think we can all agree that no matter your opinion on Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Ben Affleck was outstanding. He filled the suit better than most, I really enjoyed Keaton and Bale (and even Kilmer but that’s just between us okay?) but Affleck just looked the Batman I’ve always wanted. He also nailed Bruce Wayne. Wayne is the hardest part of the character to get right. You have to have that edge to you of a son who lost his parents and wishes to avenge them. You have to have the eccentricities of a billionaire, they are all changed by money, and you have to play both Wayne and Batman as two separate characters and yet one and the same. Affleck went for a more world weary and broken Wayne which led to a more hate fuelled Batman. It was darker than before in both action and emotion and, personally, I was stunned by the portrayal. I am a huge fan of Affleck but more for his writing and directing than his acting and when the news broke that this self-confessed Batman fan, who had just given us the definitive performance, who has won Oscars for his writing and bringing films to screen that were intelligent as well as entertaining, was to write and direct a standalone Batman film I went a little nuts, a little fanboy. However, a few weeks later and I’ve had time for the news to settle on me and I am looking at what he could do, what villains he could bring to the screen. The obvious choice would be Jared Leto’s Joker from Suicide Squad but I think that storyline will be played out elsewhere and, whilst it’s probably inevitable that Leto will confront Batfleck in a single outing, I don’t think it will be the first film.

Then came the statement from Matt Damon that he would love to be in a DCU film if it’s written and directed by his best friend Ben. Whilst this could be good I dismissed it as Damon just fanboying. The internet however went and did what the internet always does and had him cast as anything from Boy-Wonder (he’s older than Affleck, can he really play the younger sidekick?) to Hush (which intrigued me a bit as I’m not as familiar with the character as I should be. I wanted the standalone Batman film to use one of the big and famous villains though. One who hasn’t really made much of an impact ever on the big screen, The Riddler. Jim Carrey’s Riddler was by far the best thing about the highly forgettable Batman Forever and Carrey nailed the manic needed to steal the show in the Schumacher world of Gotham. Would I bring back that Riddler? Hell no! I am not an idiot (shut up mum) but I still think Carrey can do a job.

Carrey, as he’s got older, has proved time and again he is more than a man that can make faces. This guy has acting chops! The Number 23, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, even some of his comedy vehicles recently have had more essence than earlier work. Now imagine a Carrey locked away in Arkham for (how many years has it been since Batman Forever? 1995? Really?) 21 years. A broken and depressed genius, world weary, plotting for Batman’s demise in solitary confinement for two decades (maybe occasionally watching The Cable Guy) suddenly released into a different and grittier Gotham. Gone are the Lycra Question Mark suits, he is physically and mentally scarred, he has to find his way in a new world whilst trying to come up against Batman.

I don’t have much more plot than that. Ben Affleck doesn’t need me writing the story for him, I’m sure he’s got this. But I’m not as crazy in my thoughts as you imagined I was at the top of piece, am I? You are genuinely considering this, aren’t you? As I said, hit me up with your thoughts but let’s debate like great people and leave the internet trolling to others.

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