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Three new clips have been released of the latest film in the Jason Bourne franchise, er, Jason Bourne...

With the film due out in the UK in just over 2 weeks, Universal Pictures have released three new clips from Jason Bourne (the film). The first shows some of the much talked about car chase through Las Vegas, the second sees Jason Bourne (the character) on 2 wheels rather than 4 and the third lets us listen in to a phone conversation between Bourne and Heather Lee (Alicia Vikander and not a film - yet).

Matt Damon returns to his most iconic role as Jason Bourne (the character) in Jason Bourne (the film). Paul Greengrass, the director of The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum, once again joins Damon for this new chapter, which finds the CIA’s most lethal former operative drawn out of the shadows.

For Jason Bourne (the film, not the character, oh God, this is going to get confusing once the film actually comes out isn't it?), as well as Alicia Vikander, Damon is joined by Vincent Cassel and Tommy Lee Jones, while Julia Stiles reprises her role of Nicky Parsons in the series. Frank Marshall again produces alongside Jeffrey Weiner for Captivate Entertainment, and Greengrass, Damon, Gregory Goodman and Ben Smith also produce. Based on characters created by Robert Ludlum, the film is written by Greengrass and Christopher Rouse.

Aaaanyways. Let us know what you think of the clips and whether you're looking forward to the film.

Image - Universal Pictures
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