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Nate McKenzie looks at a few topical news stories that may (or may not) make an appearance in Season 2 of Mr Robot...

Throwing the world into financial crisis was just the beginning for Elliot and fsociety. Attacking Evil Corp. was a coming out party. Now the real machinations begin... while everything else begins to unravel.

Season 2 of Mr. Robot airs tonight in the US and the crescendo of anticipation has not ceased. The first season was ripe with real-world references and similarities to scandals, sects, and hacking operations. In fact, the finale was postponed by the USA Network after two West Virginia news reporters were murdered live on-air; the network cited a stark similarity between those events and a scene from that episode. There are a number of possible headlines that could make an appearance in the second season's story arc.

Admittedly, I am sure that Esmail has far superior storylines planned than anything I can come up with for the second season. But here are three news stories that we might see make an appearance:


The 2016 Presidential Election race here in the States has been more of a wild production than usual. Between the farce that is Donald Trump's Travelling Circus and the rest of the Republican Party meltdown, there is no shortage of storylines on that side of the aisle.

However, the blatantly obvious voter poll fraud that has taken place on the Democratic side (which many surmise can be attributed to Hillary Clinton HQ) would make for a tantalizing plot within the sub-structure of the Mr. Robot narrative. Elliot's disdain for inherent evil has so far been well assessed; but exposing and subverting covert evil - that which is not readily apparent to the masses - is his principal objective.

How would Elliot crush the sinister forces who seek to control what is supposed to be a pure, democratic election and thus demonizing the entire process to a generation of people trying to find hope? After all, "Control is an illusion".

A few months back it was revealed that curators for the "trending" news section of Facebook were manipulating it by restricting the inclusion of stories that might interest conservative users. Is this wrong to do? Maybe. But Facebook has also deleted entire accounts devoted to more liberally-inclined subjects as well as secular and atheist pages while allowing bullying from religious groups and homophobic hate-speech accounts.

Elliot might consider this nothing more than broad social engineering and as such he might support such actions. Or, at the very least, see them as a necessary evil. It's easier to hide in chaos than calm.

But what if social media manipulation interfered with the goals of fsociety? How would Elliot respond? It would be interesting to see a news manipulation Battle Royale between Elliot and a team of Ivy League white-breads at a Mr. Robot version of Facebook. If Evil Corp. is a fictional representation of Enron perhaps we could see a Fakebook? Farcebook? I don't know, I'm not as clever as Sam Esmail.

No this wasn't photoshopped, he really did wear this.


Martin Shkreli is easily one of the most detestable people on Earth. After a disgustingly fiendish attempt at price gouging, by raising the price of the anti-HIV drug Deraprim, Shkreli doubled down on his actions when he stated that he made a mistake... that he should have raised prices higher.

After Elliot virtually stomped on the throats of a paedophile and then a serial adulterer (as well as his best friend's cheating boyfriend) I can only imagine what kind of hell he could unleash on someone as vile as Shkreli. Although the real world has had a small amount of satisfactory justice with Shkreli being indicted on securities fraud, it would leave a sweet and steely taste on the tongue to see a fictional version of the little rat end up in the trunk of a car.

Like I say though, I am sure that Esmail has far superior storylines planned than anything I can come up with for the second season. That is the reason I, and many others, are desperately awaiting the two-part season premiere tonight.

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