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Titan Books announce a brand-new satirical novel from the acclaimed author of the 1970s cult-classic The Dice Man, Luke Rhinehart, with Invasion...

They came from outer space.

Anamorphous creatures able to become anything from a dolphin, to a centipede, to a four-foot eyeless human.

They came from outer space, and they came to… play.

Pretty weird, right? That’s what Billy Morton thinks anyway, when “Louie” lands in his fishing boat and follows him home. He, his wife and two boys come quickly to love this playful alien, but when Louie starts using the family computer to hack into government and corporate accounts, learn all that the NSA knows, and transfer millions from banks into ordinary citizens' accounts, the Government takes action.

What started as harmless fun soon turns serious, as the life of Billy Morton and his family becomes a rollercoaster ride of fame, fortune, jail, death, resurrection, and a distinguished ranking high on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” List. Because the Powers That Be don’t play games: they make war.

Capturing the anarchic humour of The Dice Man, Rhinehart returns with all guns blazing in Invasion as he turns his attention to the corrupt political, economic and military systems that blight the modern landscape.

As Trump steps up his campaign to hold court in the White House and the UK government fight among themselves, Rhinehart’s vision of a political landscape that could be closer than we think will have readers laughing until they cry. An urgent, hilarious and unmissable read: this is Rhinehart at his finest.

Luke Rhinehart is the acclaimed author of eight works of fiction, including the international phenomenon The Dice Man, a comic novel about a psychiatrist’s discovery that the secret of human fulfilment and happiness is to turn over decision-making to chance in the form of listing options and casting dice.

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