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Watch the trailer for Asiel Norton‘s post-apocalyptic fable Orion, showing at Raindance Film Festival later this month...

“Only with a virgin birth and the babe slain will the Hunter come. Only when the Eater of Men delivers his blood will man be born Orion.”

From a dark prophecy of murder and salvation, an ambitious and impressive piece of cinema emerges. In this post-apocalyptic fantasy, civilisation has collapsed and the last few remaining humans live as scavengers wandering the ‘Rust’. As the world reverts to savagery and barbarianism, only one man can revive society.

After success with his feature film Redland, which was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award and won Best Debut Feature at the 2009 Raindance Film Festival, Asiel Norton returns to Raindance with his new film Orion, starring David Arquette, Lily Cole, Goran Kostic and Maren Lord.

Screening on Monday 26th September at 15:45 and Thursday 29th September at 18:15, get more info and book tickets from the Raindance website

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