Podcast - Was This Always Weird: The Mighty Ducks

In every episode of Was This Always Weird, and with some NSFW language, Cody Dearing and Matt Stoner from Austin, Texas breakdown the hilarious, upsetting and unusual things about a popular movie from the past. This time the WTAW guys skate on thin ice with The Mighty Ducks...

The dark story of a drunken lawyer who is haunted by a minor loss in his past being entrusted to lead a disadvantaged pee-wee hockey team to victory over their obviously gerrymandering opponents.

Daniel Hayden joins the WTAW team as they take a shot at The Mighty Ducks starring a young Emilio Estevez as Gordon Bombay, a younger Joshua Jackson as Charlie Conway, and a possible murderous serial killer hiding in plain sight named Hans.

Find more WTAW Weirdness at their website at http://wasthisalwaysweird.libsyn.com/

Image - Was This Always Weird

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