Book – Arrow: Oliver Queen’s Dossier

Arrow Oliver Queen's Dossier

Steve Taylor-Bryant delves into the secrets of Oliver Queen thanks to the dossier compiled by Nick Aires for Titan Books…

I love Arrow, have done since the very first episode. Whilst I will admit there are one or two weak episodes contained in the seasons so far, I am much more forgiving when it comes to Arrow than I am with most shows and, being an iconic comic character, you can guarantee the add-ons to the show, the tie-ins, are all very good. Arrow: Oliver Queen’s Dossier compiled by Nick Aires is no exception. The layout and artwork contained within the pages is marvellous. Using Oliver’s original list of people that have failed the city brought back great memories of the debut season and this is complimented with computer screenshots, legal documentation, newspaper clippings and handwritten notes.

Arrow Oliver Queen's Dossier

The list starts the dossier and takes up the first nearly 20 pages with each name getting some great coverage in a unique style. The Undertaking is well documented, as is Oliver’s equipment, The League of Assassins, his friends and allies, and some of the more uncommon criminals get some excellent representation on the page. Favourite sections for me though cover The Suicide Squad as played out in the DC Television universe rather than the Hollywood film, and the sections on Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, still my favourite villain of the show.

The product itself is beautiful, from the faux leather look of the cover to the contents magnificence. Any fan of the character or the show will discover this dossier is a must own and anyone coming to the show late will find an encyclopaedia of what they need to catch up on. Absolutely fantastic work from all involved.

Image - Titan Books.

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