Film - Power Rangers

The Defective Inspector dusts off his Dragonzord and prepares for battle as he watches the new Power Rangers film trailer...

I grew up in the 90s, while my birth certificate officially makes me an 80s child I can’t deny my life was filled with Spice, Zones and Stimpy. However, one staple of my early years was the original Power Rangers show. I loved the mixture of cheesy underage acting, strangely hypnotising martial art moves and a giant robot at the end of every episode. This left me puzzled when I heard a it was getting rebooted with a movie, taking the approach of just about every f’ing franchise since the dawn of time. But you know what… I actually liked it.

The bullied backgrounds, underdog mentality and superhero enhancements all possess a strong skeleton for an action adventure series with a grittier background. It reminded me of the rebirth of Batman and how progressively it got darker and darker. While the trailer released is only a teaser (and no sign of alien Walter White yet) it does show potential. For the first time in a while I am hopeful for a reboot, but understandably cautious.

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